Monday, March 28, 2011

1st time stepping foot into Sentosa Resort World.

parents won a night stay at the St. Micheal Hotel.
on our way there. and yes, that's my dad in the photo! he seems so small!

ah ping and yueling came down to singapore! :D

this place is really nice. loadsa visual effect and mirror all around the walls.

still walking there.. xD

finally! reaching the lobby!

what are the chances of us getting this room no! 911~ hahaha!

really love the interior of the room. very artsy.

the toilet~ :D

gained so much weight! but this was taken right after my lunch la.. xD haha!

damn cool! my dad's name on the teevee's screen. xD

and me continue to snap photos all around the room.

my smiley dad!


and a hilarious photo of my dad doing something silly! xD

ping and i with the hidden mirror.

lazy ping and lingmoi.

check out the chiller!

hee, brought some F&N drinks along and Minute Maid!

us boiling water to make tea.

our window view.

something i drew randomly.. and luckily i brought my ipad along.. if not we would have bored to death.

tea's ready! :D

went to meet mom and aunty for dinner.

haha and took some 'tourist-shots'. xD

ah ping accompanied me to Victoria's Secrets while the rest went to pick sjq up.
i was so excited.. but a lil disappointed when i know they dont sell lingerie there. :(

went back hotel room...

and guess what we watched!!

i love bigbang's tonight! especially the part when Gdragon say 'shi shi hae'. xD

a random shot of the pool that jiaqi took. 

oh ya! saw this while roaming around.
technology is really effing awesome.
you can now cook without you having to stand there at the stove la.

haha random post.. it's 4.03am when i'm typing this.
thus the lack of words.

hee! thanks for reading tho!



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