Thursday, March 17, 2011


at home preparing to head out!
love all these zilian photos of my! sorry if you think that i'm BHB or what la..
but i think the first photo on the extreme left is effing chio cos i love that photo very much!! :P
MUAHAHAHAHA! *buay paiseh*
went to CJ that afternoon to brush my dance steps up a lil before JYPE auditions.
sadly, boyfriend couldn't go with me to the Far East Movement concert, thus i gave the chance to Johnson!
made our way to Vivo to meet ahtoon!

met Nadia and her boyfriend on the tram there to Wavehouse. it was nice meeting her for the first time! :D

camwhore with the huge F&N can while waiting to collect our tickets from the F&N staff, Jeff! :D

got tickets already, must take photos! very *what*, i know. xD

and here's ahtoon!

yongwei's spec forever misty one! xD
last 2 group shots before i move on... :)
the queue was crazily long that night.
we're lucky we didnt have to queue that long cos our tickets were priority! :D

after getting through the gates, all of us got the chop!

and woohoo! here's the stage.. managed to squeeze all the way from the back...... the side of the stage. :)

Shan & Rozz were the host of the night.

they were looking for people to go up onto the stage to compete in gulping down a can of F&N drink.
and guess who went out thick-skinned-ly? HAHAHA!
YONG WEI! ;) he damn zai i tell you! and yup, he won the competition!

after another round of a dance and bikini competition (no photos cos i couldn't switch my camera on). :(
the concert was right about to start!!! (^_^)v
there you go~ :D

spotted Lydia babe there too (from Vaunt)! she dress until so sexy la!
shall let the photos do the talking! :D


the music was too loud, so i came out of the crowd for a breather. 

and i dig this photo! the reflection...
i know very random... but i shall end this post with photos of hammies. :P

and an edited photo of me. xD
Thanks for reading!

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