Friday, March 18, 2011

hais, no idea why all the things recently i participated in, need to gather LIKES on facebook.
as much as i would like to win, i hate the idea of annoying others. :/

simply click on the photos to HELP ME!
but firstly you will have to like both pages of Skin79 and Salon Vim.
only then you will be able to see the word 'LIKE' on my page. :D

and this one is the Salon Vim one.

this one is the Skin79 one.

and yes! once you're done, comment @ this blog post,
also @ the FB photos (please say something encouraging there!).
you might just be the one winning this cute heart ring! :D
winners will be picked randomly! 

can help me and win something, WHY NOT HELP ME RIGHT? :D

p.s. by the way, i'm chosen to represent Skin79's whitening range products!
and in return, i get an IPAD and a set of products from them! going for the photoshoot tmr @ Serangoon!
woohooo! i'm so excited!


  1. Done helping ((:
    Eh , your Skin79 page is not found I can't help . Ps .

  2. Hi Hayley,I helped already! :D
    Hope you will win! :D

    My email is! :D

  3. liked! niceeeeee :)
    like reading your blog!

  4. Hi! I've liked! ^__^

  5. Hey , I've liked th photo :D
    But the Skin79 page is missing . I can't find it . Sorry :(

  6. hellos!
    i've done liking the photo! (:
    but the skin 79 page seem to be gone. even i go skin79 singapore page, i cannot finf the album of new face skin79 white.
    all the best!



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