Friday, March 11, 2011

Singapore Dance Delight vol.2 is happening tomorrow @ Sentosa Wavehouse, 7pm!
tickets completely sold out within a few days! if you bought the tickets already, LUCKY YOU!
cos you'll have the chance to catch the 20 finalists competing their way to OSAKA. $30,000 worth of prizes will also be awarded to the 3 top winners of SDD Vol. 2.

so i'm assigned to two couple group, namely Burning Bums and I(dot)M.
i met up with PSYK and Elke @ Sexy Diamond (Heeren's level 3), which is own by PSYK (what a dance and entrepreneur! :D)
let me narrate their story to you!
they both ARE actually a real couple who are together for 4 years already! and they met each other through their mutual friend.
it's kinda their first time dancing as a team together cos they thought it will be fun to put a piece together that involve separate styles (Waacking and Popping).
they have been practising almost every single day for SDD for the past 2 weeks for the competition.
but when i ask what do they think are their chances of winning, they said 50 50.
the reason behind motivating them is because they wanna be able to go on to a stage when Dominic (one of the judges of Japan Dance Delight) and PSYK's mentor, is around. and it will be a chance for them to improve and open their eyes to the different kind of dance styles.
since PSYK is in his late twenties, he felt that SDD is very good and different because of the competition criteria. most showcasing competitions always have age limits, limiting people who are older to stop competing.
the couple said that dancing is their hobby and passion and that they will never stop dancing.

when asked if they're nervous at all, they responded, "no, because it's just a piece that they very much would like to share with others and have as much fun on the stage!"

PSYK is really close to one of the members from Free Frag. heard that he have a 'long history with him'. xD
and Elke felt that Housekids is really talented since they can House and Breakdance at the same time.
some background of the both of them;
PSYK picked up dancing in the year 2000 by watching many dance videos he can find in stores. he self trained for 3 years and met this bunch of friends. they started to train together and did a dance show.
he was then approached by the director of O School and now is a dance instructor there. 
he has flew to different countries by himself and sponsored by the school for more trainings.
he is also known as a DJ for producing music. he started creating music when he was 11 years old!!
taking different genre of music and mash them up into a remix or doing covers.

Elke, on the other started dancing only in 2007 when she attended some hiphop classes after her life in JC. her first time learning Waacking was in 2009 from videos online. she had a chance recently to fly to New York for dance training. and is currently freelancing as a dance instructor @ Natasha's Studio (located @ Clarke Quay's Central). she was also a finalist for Singapore Dance Delight vol.1 in a crew named Real Chic.

"It's through music, we've gained inspirations for our choreography."

and if you still have no idea who i'm talking about, let their dance talk to you! :D

up next, I(dot)M, weird but meaningful name.
it's because their names are Amin and Magdalene combined together - Mega Min. xD
they both met each other while learning dancing in Jitterbug Dance Studio 3 years ago.
participated only in 2 competitions already makes them feel very comfortable dancing with each other and their magical chemistry.
they have been practicing 4 times a week for the SDD.

they started to get in touch with dance because they were trying to learn from MTVs, doing covers of them. 
eventually, they ventured int Hiphop, Jazz, Contemporary and other type of genres of dance.

Magdalene have been dancing for 7 years and Amin, 6 years.
they started dancing for me and zomg i'm shocked!
their choreo is like full of difficult movements! loadsa lifting going on.

and apparently, loadsa balancing too!
alot of people at the side dancing, stopped and watched their mini performance they put up.
most of them even started clapping when the dance ended!
are you excited?!?! i'm really honored to have the chance covering such event.
all thanks to F&N and Singapore Dance Delight! :D
let me meet such awesome people! shall update you guys when i go for the finals @ Wavehouse tomorrow! :D
and as usual, shall end this post with a series of my zilian-ness. :P
 Thanks for reading people! :D

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