Saturday, March 12, 2011

as usual, starting off this awesome post with my zilian-ness. xD

love this two photos so much! *eye makeup rocks*

so jiaqi and i made our way down to Vivo level 3 and waited for the rest to come.
what to do when you're girls and bored? camwhore la!

finally all have arrived.. a group shot before we head to our destination!

and so, we started walking from Beach Station.


love the huge F&N can with the straw! so cute!

got our Media passes.. gotta love passes like these. makes me feel prioritized. LOL

after collecting the passes, i went straight up to level 2 and look for the groups i covered for!
Burning Bums! when i asked if they're nervous at all since the competition is getting so heated up, they said,"nope! really, just wanna share our dance to the rest.."

went to visit I.M too! :)
but they were still doing some last touchups.

managed to grab a few photos with them tho.
haha, they forced me to do some 'dance poses' with them.
so awkward for me la! xD

a view from where i was standing and where the groups were busy preparing themselves.

soon enough, we saw loadsa people started to queue up..

all the 10 bloggers gathered and camwhored with the SDD backdrop like crazy..
felt really happy that day! :D

the competition was right about to start!
but to how when the main characters of the day havent walk through the 'red carpet'?!
let me slowly introduce you guys the finalists of the day!

#1 - Team Elite (Philippines)
jiaqi and i both agreed that the blond-hair-coloured-girl is really chio!

#2 - Fantastic Forze Crew
you can put on the thickest makeup you like cos it doesnt matter in competitions like this. xD

#3 - Burning Bums 
have i said this before? i really love their combination of whaacking and locking. unique & creative! 

#4 - Major Jam
gosh, the tallest (and biggest size) dude in this group certainly left an impression in me.  

#5 - Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
love their choice of music. very chessy. xD 

#6 - B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
the shortest and youngest boy look so kawaii la! xD

#7 - Harlequinn
they look so scary on stage cos of the daring and creepy makeup they have on their face.
awesome creativity.. while watching their performance, i got goosebumps lor. :/

#8 - Rough Addicts
the only all-girls group. i like the way they dance.. and i wish i can dance like them! 

#9 - Sickin Freak
just look at their group name and you'll know why.. ;)
#10 - The Basic Five
awesome popping and locking group.
#11 - The Zoo Thailand
one of my bias (thus 2 photos of them :P) really a bit sad that jiaqi got to cover this group. oh wells. 
they are like the most powerful group in terms of strength on the stage that night.

#12 - Size-Zero
the girl with the purple hair totally caught my full attention. xD
#13 - F4C Stars
very silver-ed/spaceship theme.

#14 - Househead
the most casually-dressed group but with awesome and neatly done scorpion move!

#15 - Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champion & Champion for SDD vol.02)
another group i dig. sadly and coincidentally, both groups are covered by my super lucky sister.

#16 - Free Frag

#17 - Hit the Speed Limit
i have no idea how they can lock their moves so firmly!

#18 -  I.M (I Dot M) 
i love their poses! xD


#19 -
Flair Brothers
jiaqi's bias = Jeremy. she's totally infatuated with him (and his pelvis thrust). LOL

#20 - Sonic Vibe
their clothes reminds me of power ranger minus the headgear. xD

after the photo taking session at the back drop, we all proceeded to the sitting area.
where the stage is built over a pool of water!

and the crowd was slowly moving into the sitting area.

my eyes super sharp la! spotted my secondary school junior, Kevinn among so many people! (O_O)v

the show started off with the host of the day, Shielk Haikel.
he requested everyone to raise up our hands and do the peace sign for the ones who suffered in Japan. :(
it was a heartwarming moment..

camwhored with the girls...
 jiaqi and i.

before i continue, how can i miss out the judges of the night!
(L to R) Machine, Tatsuo, Dominique (all 3 from Japan) and Ryan (O School).

after hours of the competition, it's finally the time to announce the top 3...
but we had some entertianment before the results was announce as the judges crack their brains.

so right after the performances, it's the time to announce the long awaited results..
i swear even i myself who isn't in the competition, felt the tension too!


Hit The Limit won the special prize!

and in 3rd place, THE ZOO THAILAND!

2nd place! BURNING BUMS!!! woohooo! so happy for them!
they did themselves (and me xD) proud! by coming in the 2nd place!

hahah, PSYK and Dominique so cheeky!!

and the first prize goes to................................

 a final group shot with all the winners on stage..
after the winning teams did their interviews with the media, i took the chance and grabbed some photos with them! :D


me with Burning Bums! :D

this was jiaqi with her team, The Zoo Thailand.

lastly, US with Joyce and the Boys! :D

snapped some photos with one of the Japan judge too, Machine desu~

spotted one of CJ dance instructor there too that night!! Yuzhen~

took photo with Kevinn too. (the one i spotted earlier on.)

hardworking dude pouring F&N drinks for us...

as the 10 proud bloggers selected by OMY and F&N covering for this event, how can we miss out the chance of taking photos on the stage where so many awesome dancers performed?!?!

it had been a nice experience. really honored to be part of this huge dance event.
and i thanks OMY and F&N for this opportunity. 
hope i didnt bore you with this effing long post of mine! :D
thanks for reading!

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