Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sponsored Advertorial
chio EOS lens from PrettyLens.

woohoo! i love it when i receive mail like this! machiam open presents like that. xD
and guess what i've received this time!

EOS lenses from PrettyLens! it's kinda my first time trying on this brand of lenses so i'm kinda excited!

just now, the one that i was wearing was making my eyes itchy..
so i opened a new one! and it's PINK!!! ;D
and in case you're interested to buy the same one, the serial no is: WM-208.

first time wearing PINK lenses also! (^_^)v
lol, like given a lot of 'first times' to this blogshop leh! :P
here's how it looks like on my palm when poured out of the tiny jar.
here's how i look like with the lenses on plus makeup! :D
seriously, i'm loving the doe eye effect!

so if you're interested in this pair of len, head down to Pretty Lens now! 
for all EOS lenses, it's 17bucks per pair. if you buy 3 pairs and above, it's 16bucks per pair. :) 
and each pair you purchase, a free PINK len casing will be throw in! :D

hee, thanks for reading people! 

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