Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashion Hooks #1

Sponsored Advertorial

welcome to the world of Fashion Hooks.
yeah, so sorry for blogging about this so late! been really really busy lately.
loadsa events and things to attend to.

so yeah, jiaqi and i will be the resident model for Fashion Hooks from now on and they will also be our monthly clothes sponsors! so happy! :D

here are some dresses that i really love from their shop! :D

Frills Sleeveless Dress
i've worn the Almond piece to Samantha Vega's Launch Party @ Zouk yesterday!

Classy Chiffon Dress
boyfriend fell in love with me when he saw this piece!

and i'm loving this Off-shoulder Dress, made of chiffon.

and for people who are into laces, you might like these..

Frills Multiple Lace Dress

and Lace Frills Zebra Dress

as for Tops, i've already worn this two out so far.
wore YSL Punk Sleeveless Top to my 2nd JYPE audition.

and this to Anchor Prints Shoulder-Tassel Top to Far East Movement's concert @ Wavehouse.

wore this black Studded Blings Top out when i took monthsary photo with dear dear.

there's many more photos i would like to post and upload, but that will be too long!
so.... thanks for reading! and remember to show your support to:

their clothes are really good and inexpensive compared to loadsa of other blogshops and they sell loadsa chio accessories too! :D

here's something for you (my beloved readers!). 
quote 'Hayley2011' for free registered postage when you shop with them!
and you're most welcome to follow them on their facebook to get the latest updates from them.



  1. You girls are born-to-be models. All the best in your audition! Work hard in dancing @ CJ!

  2. @Anonymous1 haha no! i believe that nobody is born to be anything! haha everyone worked hard for it.. but thank you for your sweet compliment! :D arigato~

  3. you got me confused in the pic with you in jiaqi's bowler hat. btw, isnt the lace frills zebra dress from valerie?

  4. @Valerie haha :) from Valerie? what do you mean?

  5. The clothes are mad ugly. but you guys did a pretty good job in modeling

  6. @Anonymous2 I don't think the clothes are ugly! why you like this... :/ but thanks for the latter compliment. :)

  7. oops no pun intended! i mean, there's a shop called valerie and they've that exact same clothing!

  8. @Valerie oh! is it the one in FEP? xD well, i guess blogshop all have a similar wholesaler selling similar pieces.

  9. In the first photo under FASHION HOOKS heading, where did jayley get her shoes from? it's pretty! :D

  10. @Anonymous3 from facebook.. she got it very long time ago. :) don't ask me for the link cos i dont know.



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