Thursday, March 24, 2011

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thanks to OMY, i get to watch Let the Bullets Fly for free!

hahahaha.. to be frank, i thought this would be just a typical serious fighting chinese movie.
but after watching it, i'm so wrong.


loadsa comedy content and funny imitations. xD
tho i missed the first half an hour of the show (due to cx stuck in a traffic jam), but i enjoyed the show alot! :)

here's the character map of the cast.

side note: this guy is really funny in the movie..

tho there are some gore and bloody scenes, the movie is still awesome.
really worth it if you go catch it. confirm won't regret la. ;)

here's a trailer if you're interested to know what's it about!

by the way, i've received my last 2 palettes from Sleek (ordered them on ebay, shipped all the way from UK!)

here are the palettes i've got.

there you have it! all the SLEEK eyeshadows i own..
 - Divine Sunset
 - Divine Storm
 - Divine Sparkles
played around with the new colours.. they are so pigmented!

i'm loving blue and purple combo! suits pink contact lens very well.. :D

anyways, thanks for reading!

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