Saturday, March 12, 2011

a trip down to HTC's Concept Store @ NEX Shopping Mall.
i'm really glad that OMY sent the email to me and i joined this contest!
and yeah, thanks to F&N too for the chance and lending us HTC Wildfire to use. #SDD2 ROCKS!
it was really a great experience as we get to try on different type of HTC phones and having someone expert guiding us along!

that's jiaxi posing for the photo, my boyfriend, jiaqi using her HTC Wildfire and ahtoon! :D

our schedule was actually different but this guy over here suggested that we take up the workshop together to save our time. he's really friendly! but sadly, i didnt catch his name.. :(

[grabbed from jiaqi]

see! i was caught on jq's camera~ listening attentively to what the guy have to say about the phone!
and that blue file you see there is more info on the phone :)

and that's my fingers flicking and browsing through the android market (similar to iphone's app store).
differences is that they have loadsa free applications to download!!

and here's a proper photo of the main ★ of the day! :)

another HTC colleague came over and took his turn to introduce us more about the phone on the hugeass monitor.

wanna take a closer look at what he's talking about?
here you go! (i love the doodles! :D)

yeah, so now if you were to purchase a HTC Wildfire, you will be able to check all your social networking stuffs at the same page, same time! how convenient is that especially if you're lazy like me, hates switching different windows.. :)
afraid that you won't be able to remember how your caller looks like?

after learning about so much more on HTC Wildfire, i cant bear to part the phone when it's time to exchange phone with my sister. cos we were given deadline :( *sadded*
shall end this post with a photo of ahtoon and jq acting like old people with their new HTC umbrella and goodies bag in hand! ;D

thank you so much for reading! :D

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