Thursday, March 03, 2011

was informed through email that I'm one of the finalist blogger for Singapore Dance Delight!
weet! now i'm one step closer to winning a trip to Osaka! 
so we were told to attend OMY's briefing at the New Centre @ Braddell.

shall keep you guys posted of the things i do for the event! :D
but for now, let ya see the 10 finalists!

check out the goodies bag we have at the end of the day!

6 cans of yummy F&N drinks and 5 bottles of wet tissues.

and a F&N plastic bag that comes along with them!

and of course, each of us now own this very special limited edition F&N Trexi!
only celebrities like Jay Chou, Jay Park, U-Kiss, Seth Rogen etc. own them too!
felt so honored to receive this as a gift! ;D

surprisingly, this Trexi smells like F&N Orange too!!

sidetrack abit, wanna show off to you my hammies!
and my favourite photo, also currently my iphone background photo! :D
this photo totally replaced my boyfriend's face la! xD
isn't it EFFING CUTE?!?!?!

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