Saturday, March 19, 2011

since the skin79 picture is like out in all the Watsons stores now, it's time for me to update what happened on the photoshoot day itself!

so i was on my way on a cab to Serangoon to Lorraine's house at around 9am.

the day before this, i was paid to touch up my roots.

all these photos are from my camera. 

so i was the first person that reached their house. thus had a lil time to tour around the house.
i really love this part of their house! look so professional! :D

a while later, Gelainza (Felicia), the makeup artiste reached!
she's currently working in Sephora as a trainer, makeup artist and beauty editor. so cool!

with chiobu Gelainza. :)
the picture will be awesome if the light didnt shine so much into my eyes! :(
oh wells... :/

this is me after her awesome work!
sorry, this face of mine doesnt do her skills justice. :P

here's two chio-er one.. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! xD

this is me working hard... :P

woohoo, Lisa commented that I have nice jawline.. *blush* (tho i dont agree with her~ xD)

that's Lorraine (in the hot pink pant), Lisa (holding the chicken drumlet) and Renmin (the one squatting down). :)
both Lorraine and Lisa are the official Skin79 distributor and brand managers of Starasia here in Singapore!

here's EK (also Lorraine's hubby), the hardworking and professional photographer, who is also a joker! xD

EK and Lisa happy with their pizza~

camwhoring time with cute Shu Hui (the other model!)

together with Gelainza.

everybardee so hungry! xD

after resting, it was time to shoot Shu Hui, and my turn to slack.

here's Lisa reviewing the behind-the-scenes photos.

slacked all the way together with Renmin. chatting about life and future. xD

two candid photos she took of me. hahahaha~

after EK was done with Shu Hui, it's both our turns~ :D
that's Shu Hui smiling for Lisa's camera, Gelainza and Lorriane busying combing my stray hair.

few hours later, the shoot has finally ended!
all i can say it's very very tiring cos need to keep smiling for the camera. 
it's like 1 pose for 1 snap/frame, i have need to pose for quite long. 
but i had LOADSA FUN! all thanks to EK, Lorraine etc. :D
awesome experience! really am glad that Lorraine chose me as their new face for Skin79!

time for someMORE fun! xD

Shu Hui and i, posing with our new 16GB with Wifi IPad. xD
(i have no idea where i was looking at....)

theme of this photo: confused (me) and happy girls putting on makeup, with a sneaky photographer in the background. HAHAHA

you can totally tell that EK is a joker from the poses! xD

after which, i cabbed down to bugis and meet up with the JYPE audition-ees at Bugis.
photo credits to Celyn :)

Jiaqi, me, Celyn and Jiahui.

in case you're wondering, Jiahui and i was looking at this:


Celyn, me, Frazer, Jiaqi, Alfred and Jiahui.

they decided to settle for steamboat in the end. i didnt eat tho since i was full :)

this is Leo! from Indonesia. :)
we all miss him so much! hope we'll be able to meet him again soon!!

and that's Shaun (who was effing late that night!), Fraser (posing for camera), Jiaqi and Jiahui eating.. xD
after that, we MRT-ed to Somerset and hang out. too bad Fraser had to go home early due to curfew.

sat down at Scape level 2 and chit-chatted.
i was hungry so we went to Burger King. effing funny when Jiaqi and Celyn started to snap everyone's unglam photo. xD
and here are one of the few unglam photos they both took and deleted! that we literally laughed our ass off at.. xD
really a nice bunch of people to hang out with since everyone has got the same interests: dancing, singing and KPOP! :D

went back home and opened my new...................................................................................

iPad! :D

16GB with Wifi.

oh, here are the Skin79 goodies I've received from Lorraine~ :D
i tried out the Skin radiance facial mask sheet already.. and ZOMG, i'm in love with it!
seriously.. not trying to bootlick here okays? but this mask is so awesome you need to try it out..
super moisturizing and hydrating! your skin will feel so soft after masking. :D

Skin79's Skin radiance sun block SPF 40 PA++.

and the Skin radiance solution..
been using this for a few weeks already, every time after i apply my Simple moisturizer, i pat this on my face.

haven tried these the Skin radiance cream out yet tho..

i'm sure if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen me tweeting about this, this and this!

here's the original one..

and here's the edited one! effing gorgeous~
photo credits to EK Yap.
go and take a look at his portfolio! my jaw dropped when i did!

tadaaaa~ thanks for reading!
hope you guys love the photos like i do~ :D

by the way, click here to check out the BN bags im selling k?
help me clear out my space please! :D


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