Monday, April 25, 2011

recently, Jiaqi and i, together with many other bloggers, were invited to Hotel Re! for the Brands event.

Do you know?:
it's scientifically proven that after drinking Brands' Chicken of Essence, it helps one to focus more!

hosts of the day: ShouChen and Rozz~

next up, CEO of Brands talking about their products and the new campaign.

apparently, jiaqi and i got a lil distracted while she was speaking. xD
pardon me, but i love drawing anime eyes! in fact, i'm quite obsessed.

introducing, Eric Khoo, one of the representative of the organizer and a well-known director in Singapore too.
and we were showed a video on how 'blur' a person can be. in the experiment and filming, a korean dude approached a stranger in help of her for a photo with his 'gf'. the stranger didnt even realised that the girl is swapped after he asked her to take a 2nd photo of them together! 
if you follow me on twitter, you would have see me mentioning about this! :D
after that, a not-bad-looking-magician came out and showed us this trick..
seriously, till now i still dont understand how he made the signed 50 bucks inside a uncut kiwi!

poor lady with her wet 50 bucks... xD
then we went outside for some games and refreshments! :D
top R to L: Sophie, mine, Jiaqi, and Qiuting's.

i snapped this shot using jiaqi's Lx5. 
i know la.. too dark.. but the persona is pretty enough to cover the lousy photography skill right? xD

sophie damn bad lor! keep shunning when i want a photo together... :(
now my turn to be in Sophie's shoes. LOL

zacson, sophie and rabbit me. xD
HAHAHA at Sophe's act chio pose and my retarded face... xDDD
more funny photos coming your way..
a group shot of people at our table. :)
starting clockwise: zacson, sophie, me, qiuting, celestina, miyake, eric and celestina's friend.

i know i look the cui-est out of all the girls here.. 
what to do... left bf's house before coming to the event.. never bring makeup.. :x
after all the refreshments, we went back into the room.. a clearer photo of the hosts. :)
most people in our row (priscilla, qiuting, sophie, jiaqi and i) won a few boxes of chicken essences! :D

camwhore time with the extremely handsome ambassador! :D MUAHAHAHAHA.

we also went and ask rozz for a photo with us too! heh!
tadaa, this one nicer! :D
more photos with most of the chio bu(s) who came.
first one with Celestina.

spot me in the background! xD *photobombing*

with miyake and eric! :DDDD
zomg la! it's like finally see her in real life! her face is like so small!!! O_O
group shot with the girls that won boxes of chicken essence. :D
all not looking into jiaqi's camera! :(
so here's one... haha everybody likes Miyake's camera better. xD
her photoshot skill damn zai... how i wish my face shape is like that! sharp V!!
even i myself feel like i look like angmoh here. muahahahaahaha~

and one with everybardee! xD
spotted Annabel when we're at the lobby.

check this video out if you still haven see the advertisement on teevee! ;)

oh yeah! before i forget, go like blurornot's fanpage for more updates and games. 
maybe you might be the one who will win the cold hard cash! who knows! all the best!! :DDD  

Photo credits: Jiaqi
thanks for reading!

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