Saturday, March 26, 2011

Samantha Vega's Launch Party @ Zouk.

right after attending Megazip, went back to boyfriend's house to nap for a while before i head dress up and head to the launch party.

this is me with minimal makeup... very weird like one of my form springer commented.

before we step inside, we are given this:
took photo with the backdrop too!

there we are, standing in front of the stage. reminds me so much of Vaunt.

cos i very greedy, each time the waiter/waiteress walks past, i took the food.
haha cant help it.. hungry what! and it's damn nice lor.

the crowd behind me.

right before the show which was about to start, everyone moved forward.

first time meeting Silver. saw her at the entrance of the door while queuing and came in together.
if you find her face familiar, that's because she's one of the contestant for 绝对Superstar. :)

there's Gillian giving her speech right before the fashion runaway.

and the big shot from Samantha Vega Japan. he's damn cute la, the way he speak..

and woohooo~ loadsa chio bags!!!
let the pictures feast your eyes~ click to enlarge! :D

the one on the left is damn nice!!

and the pair of heels that this model is wearing..... zomg, gorgeous.


which is your bias? i absolutely love #6's white heels and #7's bag!

time for lucky draw!!!

and the last lucky winner goes to STUPID WOO JIAQI! HAHAH!
she's effing lucky la.. if only Gillian pick the one right under jiaqi's card... i would have won. MUAHAHAHA

went up to the VIP area and sat down with the girls. :)
kop-ed this photo from QT.

that's Sophie, QT, Silver and Jiaqi.

 drunk Bryan and Kaykay staring at each other. lol

forever camera-ready-Silver.. xD

a group shot with the girls~
Kaykay, Shuyin, Xiaxue, Sophie, QT, Silver and Jiaqi.

another group shot! only difference is with me in it! xD

and last one taken by Bryan... Gillian's drunk and high husband.. :P

last and the clearest group shot from QT.

check us out on Clicknetwork too! :D

then boyfriend came to pick us up.. sent QT to her parent's house too.
she's effing cute when she's high la! drank a lil then tipsy already... xD
dropped jiaqi at CJ and boyfriend went Mustafa there and bought supper for us~

that's about it! thanks for reading!

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