Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sponsored Review

thanks to TheSampleStore, i'm happy to receive Viccal and Hanamei~
well, i'm sure most of you guys have not heard about this brand yet right? ;)

here's the range of Viccal's products.
1, 2 and 3 literally means their serial numbers. while 10, 11 and 12 refers to the number of active ingredients used.
1.10 Nuture and Strengthen selling at $145
2.11 Detoxify and Heal selling at $165
3.12 Revitalise and Energize selling at $185

 here are some more vivid description of these products.

if you alert enough, you will notice that Viccal 2.11's description isnt there.
well it's here because that what i've received to review for:
exactly like what it was described, Viccal 2.11 suits people who are prone to those mentioned.
well, i've been using it for quite sometimes now and i realise that i've actually do have lesser pimples popping on my forehead, blackheads on my nose and oil seeds around my nose area.
the texture of the serum is kinda silky and it glides on to my skin well.
i've tried it together with my makeup and i think it helps by making my makeup last a bit longer than usual.
and yes, it may cost a bomb for a tiny lil bottle like that, but it will last quite long if you use sparingly.
besides, it's for the sake of beauty! investment for better future! LOL xD

next, we have Hanamei~
it is created specifically to care for the most intimate area (you know where - underarms or pubic area) after any hair removal session. it helps to keep delicate skin supple, smooth and fair over time.
it is specially formulated with only natural Japanese plant ingredients. each botanical extract is carefully chosen and blended together to care for your delicate skin. it's free from alchol, artificial preservatives and colorants.
   Comforting Mask;
is specifically designed and formulated to provide instant relief and care for delicate skin in the bikini area that has undergone hair removal therapies.
Use the Hanamei® Comforting Mask to
• Soothe and minimise skin soreness
• Reduce redness and skin irritation
• Protect skin against follicle and pore infection

awesome product to use after your IPL/waxing/shaving session. very soothing to the skin if you put the mask in the fridge before you use it :)

another product under the same brand we have the~

   Brightening Serum;
which contains multiple botanical actives to minimize ingrown hair and lighten darkened skin caused by hair removal and micro-abrasion especially at the underarms, elbows and kneecaps. 

Use the Hanamei® Brightening Serum to:
• Maintain elasticity and resilience of skin
• Minimise ingrown hair
• Lighten the appearance of skin darkened by hair removal and micro-abrasion

no girls would want their underarms to look dark and patchy right? finally Hanamei produced a range of products like that to rescue girls.. thank god! :D
that's why i'm really glad that i have the chance to try out these products~

oh ya, for more information on Viccal and Hanamei, click on the hyperlink ;)

thanks for reading~

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