Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sponsored Review 

TheSampleStore sent me a new set of products from Sunplay to try!
seeing the word 'Sunplay' is pretty obvious that their products are.....................

 so you can play for as long as you want under the sun! :D

many a times, i always get people asking me... why and how i remain fair...
is it because i dont step out of my house? xD

well, reason being.... it's simple! 
because i hate being tan. LOL

if i know i'm going to be outdoors the whole day, i apply tons of sunscreen on my exposed-to-sun body parts.

remember my trip down to Sentosa for Megazip?
i totally made full good use of the SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+ sunscreen!!

the following pictures are just some examples... (i actually already applied to both my arms!)

here's how the nozzle looks like;
you need to be careful when you squeeze tho, as the formula is quite watery!

then start to 'massage' the goodness (that will protect your skin from getting sunburnt) into your skin.

my review of this product:
it feels very moisturizing while getting myself protected from the harmful UV rays.
 and i think this is like the first time i've seen a sunblock with such high SPF!
the product actually do get absorbed quickly as compared to the other of sunscreens i've tried.
after applying, it actually doesnt feel sticky! cos normally it would.. so that's a plus point! :)

it's retailed in Watsons for $17.20, which is think it will be better if it comes in a bigger bottle. xD

moving on... 

like many Singaporean = being kiasu, i sprayed a layer of SUNPLAY UV BODY MIST 

SPF80 PA+, after applying the liquid formula one... 

O_O ''' right? i know. =_=

here's how it looks like.. 
[ unfortunately i forgotten to take photos of me using it.... so sorry! :( ]

you get the idea la.. :)

some information on this spray sunblock:
  it's enriched with anti-oxidants from Vitamins C and E which effectively combats free radicals and prevents sun-induced premature skin ageing. this sunblock is sweat-proof and waterproof. after applying, your skin should feel refreshed with a long-lasting cooling sensation.

i'm actually quite happy that someone finally came up with the idea of a SPRAY SUNBLOCK!
perfect product for people who are lazy yet vain! and dislike the idea of rubbing sunscreen into your skin :)

after all these protection, tadaa~ you're ready to go! :D

i'm sure you'll be (^_^)ing like me in the picture after using these products when you're out in the sun!

oh yeah, go like SUNPLAY on their facebook and receive a travel size SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+++ for free! :D

thanks for reading!

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