Friday, May 06, 2011

Short Advertorial
Leopard dress from Socialite.

conditions to camwhore:
 - good hair day
 - with good eye-makeup on
 - wearing pretty dress

i'm loving eyeshadows and smokey eyes! so glad i bought Sleek eyeshadow palettes.
here's my look of the day:

and how not to camwhore when you're in a good mood?! xD

drove to Novena's Square 2 at around 2plus to support the CJ crew people who participated in the KTO contest.. rushed there thinking i was late. in the end, i was the first one to reach among the CJ peeps. :X

Polaroids with Pretty Lil Liars.

with RAD dongsaeng and BLOND Inez.

Ilyna, toon and zhen~ :D

Inez, Joanna and Ilyna.

met Leon too! so long didnt see him already!

Mengyu, awesome at impersonating Elmo! xD
(one of the girl who got shortlisted into JYPE round 2 together with........)



usual people who we hang out with after getting to know them after JYPE auditions. :D
Jayley and Celyn.

i guess the rest of the photos need no more naming. :)

from top L to R:
Alfred, me, Tasha, Victoria, Mengyu, Celyn, Jiahui, Lyn and Jayley - all known through JYPE auditons! :D

ate free and tasty Dopóki from this store named 'CJ' too. xD

random photo of clement and johnson. lol.

not much photos taken during the performance cos i was busy screaming and cheering for my friends. xD
went back to CJ after the results for finals were announced.

Jayley with laoshi (Celine) spotting similar makeup.
cos she did laoshi's makeup!

and this is Jiaqi acting like a vampire. LOL

laoshi baring her foot due to long hours of wearing heels.
that dude in black polo is Clement!

and this is laoshi trying to hide her face while jiaqi laughs at her. LOL

more photos taken!
with zhen..

introducing Carmen, receptionist at CJ and nanny of everyone!

Jojo, awesome petite powerful dancer instructor.

while the boys (OvD) were practising for their finals' item, i suggested the girls to do this:

shall end this post off with a photo i like. :D
thanks for reading!


  1. woah hayley i like this post, a lot of pics very nice HAHAHA
    <3 pamela



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