Monday, May 09, 2011

Fashion Hooks #2

Sponsored Advertorial 

my fav pick of the collection - the Retro Floral Prints Toga! :D
which i twitpic-ed about! 

a few effing comfy pieces, like the;

Lace Sleeve Top.

and the Wordy Dress!

i realised that this collection has got the many partying pieces!
like these pieces:

Beaded V-Neck Top

Cross-Striped Lace Dress

Back-Laced Crop Top

if partying ain't your cup of tea, how about some OL clothings? ;)

you also can look chic with the Polkadot Mesh Ruffled Top and the Bandage Skirt!

oh, and they do sell Bandage Legging as well! :D

got some accessories from them as well! :D

dont be afraid that your precious accessories will break while it makes its' way to your house!

here are the items i've got:
and a................

thanks for reading!

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