Friday, May 13, 2011

Strawberry Wax

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LOTD: Blue Smokey eyes

cabbed down to Mandarin Gallery with Jayley for our first waxing Brazilian Appointment @ Strip.

Style of The Day
Blue Romper from Socialite.
Bag from Pgmallspreee.
Shoes: Je551

sighs whenever cab driver aint sure about the destination.
mandarin gallery eh! also not some ulu places. (>_<)

finally reached their outlet at around late 4pm.

what you'll see when you step into the shop.

lil cozy area for you to chill while waiting for time to pass.

they totally spoof YanYan! xD

so the one i tried was STRIP's latest Strawberry Wax, which is a gentle and soothing formula that is perfect for Brazilian Virgins. This pretty pink wax contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts to calm even the most delicate skin. STRIP's Strawberry Brazilian Wax Treatment is priced at $58.


was given a cup of hot lemon tea to drink before going in, heard that it aids calming nerves.

in I go!

the different types of flavour of hard wax they have.

i must say, it was quite a cool experience. i always wanted to it out but didnt have the courage to do so.
so when i was invited, i agreed to give it a go.

i'm have a low tolerance for temperature. heart did kinda stop beating each time wax is applied to my skin. xD
as for the pain level, it was alright. :)

we were both given a Brazilian Virgin Kit ($25) which contains all the essential Post Wax Care: X'ed Out Cream, Ice Cream, Peace Ampoule, Strawberry Body Scrub and Strawberry Body Butter, all housed in the cute lego inspired box.

Anyway, there's a promotion going on right now! 
till 31 July 2011, Strip is offering all brazilian virgins 30% off their first brazilian wax and on top of that, brazilian virgins get to purchase the brazilian virgin kit at just $15! :D
call 62353292 to book an appointment now! :D
Follow them on their Facebook now.

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