Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dinner with Parents & Eco Music Challenge @ Timbre Substation

Dinner with parents @ IMM's Bali Thai before dad returns to his work place.

The rice is kinda tasty! Worth a try! 

Cute couple! xD

Tom Yum Soup! Not too spicy for me, so it's acceptable!

Gotta love chendol! :D

Style of The Day
Blue Jacket from Bangkok loot.
Bag from Pgmallspreee.
Shoes: Je551

With Jay.

Late at night, I MRT-ed to City Hall myself and walked all the way to Timbre.
Unfortunately to the wrong one. Imagine me walking in a 5 inches pair of wedges, wearing a jacket.
Hot as heck. (T_T)
Nonetheless, I reached my destination anyway.

Thanks to OMY for inviting me to the Eco Music Challenge @ Timbre Substation. Enjoyed the music a lot that night. Really glad to know that Singaporeans are quite talented in making music! :D

Host of the day: Desmond Koh. Really humorous guy!

This lady sung really well. And it was her who indirectly recommended Heather to choose Fireworks as her vocal exam piece. xD

I shall end this post off with a photo with one of my blog reader, Eileen. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. What size are you shoes? I'm planning to buy from je551, but I don't know what their sizing is like..
    You look really pretty btw! :)

  2. @Anonymous1 I'm a 39. :) Aw, thank you! :D

  3. What lens are you wearing in this post ? (:

  4. wow~Hayley with lesser makeup on looking gorgeous,natural and younger!Nice!
    U r too skinny,but still pretty la..just dont be more skinnier if not wont be that nice.
    U start schooling le ritez..gambateh neh!!!

  5. @Anonymous3 Haha, thank you for your comment! :D I'm getting fatter already! On the verge of becoming 46 kg. (T_T) Yup! School started already! Very tiring! But will work hard! Thank you!



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