Thursday, June 02, 2011

Domino Pizza Food Tasting Session

Thanks to OMY, I have had a chance to be one of the first in Singapore to try out Domino's latest pizza and a chance to make my own pizza in their kitchen.

Style of the Day:

'Chill Out' Tank Top.
Chiffon Bottom with Leopard Print Sash.
Black Weave Shoulder Bag.

All items from Fashion Hooks.

Reached Kovan's Domino Branch at like 10.30am in the morning.

One of the earliest blogger events I've attended so far.

A goodie bag given to us, together with a press release and a X-Men glass!

Jayley and I invited Yuzhen and Huixin to come with us!

Chief Operating Officer of Singapore Domino Store telling us the history and the way Domino works.

After talking, it was time to watch X-Men First Class....... Trailer. xD
And they showed us how fast it takes for them to deliver a pizza to someone's house!

Eh, what are they snapping??

Oh! The latest addition to Domino's Pizza - Prawn Sensation Pizza.

Here's how the delivery man look like with all that yummlicious food in that bag!
It's time for the food to come! :D

 Posing with the yummy Prawn Sensation pizza~

We were served with a Hawaiian Pizza too!
Their garlic bread is very nice too!

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Zomg, do i hear tummy growling already?

 And us devouring it all!
 Thumbs up Domino! :D

After the food tasting session, we were given this:

Totally no idea what's Zhen doing behind. :X

and this too.
Here's Jayley and Huixin with their 'cap'. xD

Group shot! :D

Time to head into the kitchen!

Here's Mr Chef, briefing us about what to do, what not to do.

Number of individual ingredients that have to be added in order to create that yummy pizza.

First step: To choose the dough size.
I chose the personal pan one.
Step two: Sprinkle corn flour all over.

And start to knead and fold!

Step four: Pull the dough!

Next, spread a sauce base on the dough.
Garnishing time!

After a mere 10-15 minutes, my pizza is done and ready to be eaten! :D
*Tummy growling after blogging this post*

Ending this post off with a group photo with all our own baked pizza!

Head down to any Domino branch or order them online now!


  1. hi,where you bought the blue contacts? which website you bought from? is it from geo? wat is th code for it?

  2. @Anonymous1 It was sponsored by a blogshop! Forgotten the link but the code is WBS-202 :)



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