Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome back!

Hey people!
Finally, I decided to re-launch my blog today!
New domain, new blogskin, new look.
I really like the way it look now. Cleaner and neater.
Gonna credit a few people before I start to blog any more posts, cos without them, this wouldn't have happen;
Celine; for creating this domain for Jay and I, planning on behalf of us.
Jaron; for helping out with the layout and blogskin.
EK Yap; for the beautiful banner photo you see above.
and of course, YOU people who are still reading my blog.

Know this hiatus was quite a long time (almost 3 weeks?), but I really satisfied with the end product!
Hope you guys will like my new blog look as well!
Really appreciates those feedbacks and comments I've gotten from you all.
You guys keep me going! :D

Anyways, do follow my blog on Bloglovin okays? :D

Thanks for coming back, showing your support and love!
Promise to blog more often before my school starts on 27 June, which is happening less than a day time? xD


  1. Hey Hayley! Great that you're back to blogging! Your new blog layout is simple yet nice! Do blog frequently, stay pretty and rock on! ^-^

  2. posted @ 11:11am! welcome back JiaYi!! the banner is adorable! what are u going to study?? :]


  3. frankly speaking. i prefer your other shoots photo than the one on your banner. personally , i dont really think its nice. /: BUT , i am still a great fan of you okay ! (:

  4. @Cherie Haha! Thanks for supporting my dear!

    @SinYee Yes! I'm going to MDIS for my first day tomorrow. Studying Mass Communications.

    @Anonymous1 No problem :) Everyone have different perspective on different things. I understand that. Thanks for the support!

  5. Sooo gorgeous! :) Loving your blog's new look! ^^



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