Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spa Esprit - Power of Scent @ Beauty Emporium

Was invited to Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey for this Power of Scent workshop. Drove down using my GPS (that I've bought for 199 bucks from the IT fair) for the first time. Was a lil late due to a lil traffic jam and getting lost while looking for Beauty Emporium.

Bloggers taking down notes and listening attentively to Sweelin.


What is an Essential Oil?
  • Natural aromatic compounds found in plants
  • Steam distilled or cold pressed extraction
  • Powerful, safe benefits without side effects
  • 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbs
One drop of Peppermint essential oil (for an example), is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint Tea!
That's how potent it is. Thus, using wrong essential oil is dangerous, even if you apply it on the skin.
Antibiotics cannot penetrate cell membrane where as essential oil is able to do so and it also helps to kill viruses and bacteria!

There are actually many different ways to use essential oil.
One of them which is by Aromatic;


and Internally.

There's many different types of essential oil out selling in the market. But do you know which one is safe for usage and even human consumption?

Well, if you're interested to look for one trusted brand, why not try the dōTERRA's essential oil which are CPTG (stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), a quality marked product.

Essential oil doesn't prevent, treat or cure diseases. They just aid in protecting our body's immune system. One's lifestyle and choices made are still the important factors that affect our body's system.
Right enough of the information on Essential oil.
Let me bring you to the Kitchen!
 Hungry yet? 

 Their truffle mushroom is superb! Me loves!

After some refreshments, it's time we get down to the making of our own shower gels!
I dig her red hair! 
Here's a Oil Blend Chart for us to identify which category does the oil falls under.
A drop of oil on the tester paper for us to smell the scent of the oil.

Adding of Essential oils in progress.
I chose to create a Restoring and Reviving Health shower gel.

I added 16 drops of Basil (Top notes), 16 drops of Lime (Top notes),16 drops of Cypress (Base notes) and 64 drops of Lavander (Middle) to my mixture.

*Blends blends blends*

Behind the scenes:

Next, proceed to the pouring of the shower gel into the bottles.

And I'm done! Specially custom made it for my love ones.

Look at how the professionals do it!

Door gift:

Helpful tips at the back of the card.

Received a Spa Esprit's Classic Scentsational Massage Voucher too.

Thinking of a special gift for your love ones? Why not head down to Beauty Emporium and customize a shower gel for them?

Style of the Day
Grey Batwing Top from The Blog Shop.
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans I bought from Malaysia.

Thank you Pearlin for the invitation and the friendly staffs for the information I've learn about Essential Oil! :D

Do Check out Spa Esprit's website and Facebook for more information.

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