Wednesday, June 01, 2011

SUNSILK Product Launch

Jayley and I were invited by Elfaine from The Sample Store to Sunsilk's Product Launch (Silk smooth and Manageable) @ Vivo's Ben N Jerry, 11am.

This is Shu Yun explaining to us about their products.

We were served with a drink named Tropical Blast by the Ben N Jerry Employees.
Really nice!

And this is Shawn, the Assistant Brand Manager of Sunsilk, the guy with many different colour streak of hair.

Yuko Yamashita is synonymous with effortlessly straight hair in Japan. She's renowned for the patented Yuko Hair Straightening System, developed in 1996.

The Technology of Sunsilk's Silky Smooth Manageable shampoo is that it contains Nano Silicone particles 100 nanometres in size to coat every inch. The range also features the Smart Polymer Complex, which efficiently deposits the Nano Silicone particles evenly across the hair fibre.

The key benefits is that it help to deliver healthy hair and brilliant end-results, aligning rebellious hair strands without weighing them down.

Her tips: Dry your hair gently instead of 'roughing it up' and try not to wet your hair in-between washes - it will help your hair keep its shape and prevent damage.

Next, Thomas Taw.
Do you know? That even Jennifer Aniston was turned down when she approaches Thomas Taw.

Famous people whom he styled for.
His tips: Once a month, apply a deep conditioner and cover with a plastic cap. Then, cover the cap with a hot, damp towel and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water with a few added lemon slices to lock in the moisture.

After the presentation, Shawn demonstrated the right way of applying the Leave-on serum.

After the whole thing, we were given a chance to decorate our dessert! :D

My favourite:

Tried Mango and Lemonade Sorbet for the first time.

Jayley and I.

Me and my waffles plus 3 scoops of ice-cream.

Time to make it pretty!

Tadaaaaa~ End product! :D

Gonna enjoy the dessert in my dreams again. Bye! 
Thanks for reading people! :D


  1. @Anonymous1 I really like the choco fudge! Very nice! :) Go try it if you never did!



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