Thursday, June 02, 2011

Watabe Wedding Planner @ Chijmes Hall

Super under dress for this formal event, no thanks to Jayley who brought me there last minute-ly.
Thus the facial expression. xD

Very beautiful and classy place.

Food catering by Tung Lok.

Photo taken by professionals. Credits to them!

And there, the presentations commenced with a few Japanese speaker.

And us listening attentively.

Established in 1953, Watabe Wedding Group started out as a free kimono rental shop, and has grown to its current status as an international company which offers a wide range of wedding services in countries including Japan, Guam, Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore. They are proud to announce that they will be having a one-stop shop for wedding services together with Chijmes.

Hidetoshi Watabe, CEO of Watabe Wedding Group said,"The Watabe Wedding Group adores Chijmes Hall. It fits strongly into the plans of our Group to expand in Asia to satisfy the rising need for unique wedding venues and for total wedding solutions. Our aim is to infuse all our knowhow in wedding plans and management into Chijmes Hall and make Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall into a globally recognisable wedding icon."  


So many places to choose from their packages. Go check out their page if you're interested! :D

What's your dream country for your wedding photoshoot and honeymoon? 
Do comment and interact with me!
Anyways, Thanks for reading!


  1. is it because it's last min that's why you didnt have your make-up on? xD

  2. @poppy Yes! But more like I was lazy to put any on. xD Had an event in the morning too, before attending this. :)



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