Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bébé Poshé Product Launch

9th July 2011

Quite a backdated post!
Was invited to the Bébé Poshé (pronounced as bay-bay-po-shay) product launch by TSS at the....
BÉBÉ POSHÉ Event Launch was organized by BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG (Beaute Inn Pte Ltd).
.... Mandarin Gallery's Lawry. Heard from Casper that they have like the best steak in Singapore!

Gotta love the goodies bags! :D

First thing that caught my eyes when I stepped into the room. Ain't it gorgeous!
Tables of bloggers.

And this is our table.

This are what bloggers always do. xD Here comes the yummlicious treats!
Feast your eyes people! :D

Interested to see what kind of makeup Bébé Poshé offers?

Here's a foundation in a tube form.

Perfect concealer: 24.90 bucks.

2 blushes and bronzer: 19.90 bucks each.

4 Different types of lashes for you to choose from. Designed by Sun Yun Yun. 9.90 bucks each.

Lipbalms that comes in 3 different flavors: 15.90 bucks.

Lipsticks, 21.90 bucks each.

Chio colour lipglosses, 19.90 bucks each!

Next, there was a makeup demonstration. Make up for Linda babe was done by Melissa Yeo, a renowned makeup artist who worked for various local magazines like HER WORLD and many others.
Spot me! :P

Linda's face was already prepped with BB Cream and foundation.
She started by filling in her eyebrows. Eyebrows are really important as they frame the face. Thus, you should always try to find the best shape that suits your face.

Next, contouring of her eyes by using a dome-shaped eyeshadow brush, circling the brush around her crease area to create shadows for that effect of deep set eyes.

Lining her bottom lash line with eyeliner.

Curling of lashes.

Applying mascara to the upper lashes!
And the lower lashes.

Blush and lipgloss to complete the look.

And tadaaa~ One side of her face was done!

It was the bloggers' turn to join in the challenge of creating the best makeup using their products within a limited amount of time.
 Love my lashes here!

Candid shot taken by Kelly while we were doing our make up. xD

Camwhoring time!

With the other pretty girls! :D
With Madelyn. She's so gyaru!


Like the BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG facebook to play the incredible memory game and win $80 worth of BÉBÉ POSHÉ of your choice! And since you're liking the page, I think you wouldn't mind helping me vote right? :D
You might also stand a chance to win stuffs when you vote for me!

Polariods taken after our mini makeover.

As usual, I shall end this post off with a group photo! :D

If you're interested to purchase Bébé Poshé products, they are currently available at some selected Watsons stores: Toa Payoh, East Point and Forum Galleria.



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