Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Furniture hunting day

Random photo of Jayley and I in class.

Accompanied Casper to Jurong's Vhive, in search for his new cabinet/cupboard. Found something really suitable for me. Gonna hint parents soon. xD
Really need a chair like this cos I always bend forward too much (when sitting on my sofa) or slouch too much (when i sit on the floor with a cushion) whenever I use my laptop.

Went to Ikea @ Alexander Road after that and saw this huge wooden cupboard! Totally feel like buying it for my makeup storage! But.... It's too big. T_T

Really like it. Oh wells. :/


  1. Hi, you broke your teeth before? :/

  2. @J No. Does my teeth look that bad? O_O

  3. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with your teeth.

    Some would say it makes you look even more cuter.

    Hope you wont be too self conscious about it, although people tend to be conscious about their looks, its normal.



    1. @Anonymous Aw, thank you. I was actually surprised to see your comment! Quite a back-dated post of mine! xD Well, I'm currently doing braces now. Tho it won't help to change the shape of my teeth! Just hoping it'll be neater with lesser gaps when I smiles.



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