Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey guys! I'm here to share with you guys about this very meaningful event I've attended last month, on the 26th!

So I was invited down to Zirca last month for a dance showcase and also a campaign that helps to raise awareness about LIVING a life without lighting up.

Evidently, it is almost impossible to get people who are already smoking, to quit smoking!
Thus I think it's really brilliant for the Health Promotion Board people to think of such an idea of collaborating with a club. I mean like for me, normally when I see the word club, I will go: "Oh, they'll be people standing or sitting outside the place to smoke or drink till they're as dead as a log tonight".

Well this era that we live in now, some of the people believe in freedom of making their own choices, while some get easily influenced by the people they hang out with.

I guess I'm really lucky when it comes to my friends. As in, I do have friends who smokes and drinks. But they have never once ask me to join them. In fact, they are the ones warning me not to, knowing the harmful effects it has caused their bodies.

My dad's a smoker too. There's a period of time when my sister and I really hate him for smoking in the family. It's so unhealthy! We kept scolding him but he just wouldn't listen. Finally he quit smoking after the consistent nagging of the 3 ladies at home. xD
However, the days of him not quitting didn't last that long. Eventually, when he started working overseas, his old habits returned. It haunted me for quite a while, but I've come to an understand that my dad is really stressful at his workplace. No family members there for him to support and to constantly remind him not to. Plus all his friends are long term smokers.
All we can do now at home, is to remind him to cut down on the intake.

So to all of the non-smokers and non-drinkers out there like me, continue to LIVE IT UP by staying smoke-free!
Saw some posters in the club that night too, that helps to raise awareness about what the HPB people are trying to promote. Here:

So what's your say? ;)

My favorite one of all:
(Why? Cos drinking water is the cheapest and healthiest drink ever!)

Anyways, if you're interested, please click on this link! You will be directed to this page as shown below!

There are also many tips there! So do go check it out. :)

Psst. Out of all of the posters, this is my favourite:

Which is yours? ;)

By the way, if you were to blog about how you LIVE your life UP, you will stand a chance to receive S$500 dollars cold hard cash to recreate it for you and your friends to Live It Up!

It’s simple: just write a blog entry of 250 to 500 words long on your idea of a great day or night out without alcohol or cigarettes. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE! :D

I shall end this post with this very meaningful words that I've quoted from Diana - someone I've gotten to know through this event!

Who needs to rely on binge drinking, smoking or unsafe sex to have fun?

You can live it up without giving in to peer pressure and other risky stuff.

And when you choose life because you know what's what, now that's cool.

Photo credits to: Donna

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