Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm sick.

Coughing so hard right now my phlegm contains traces of blood.
Having fever on and off. Managed to make it go away with the help of Panadols - Made me felt so much better after a good 2-3 hours nap.

Memory is got really short termed like those of a goldfish.
I get distracted easily now. Can't seem to focus much (Eg. When people is talking to me, my mind can register what they're saying.)
Am I becoming retarded? Casper said that it's happening because it have been a very long time since i studied and use my brain, that's why. :'(
English getting lousier too.


And guys! I'm actually updating my blog. Just that I will schedule the date to the day that post happened. So yup! :)

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