Friday, August 05, 2011

Lip Ice Sheer Color

Bet most of you must have already seen this product in many Guardian or Watson Stores already.
Yes, the Lip Ice Sheer Color chapstick. Comes in Strawberry and Shimmer. 
I've always been wanting to get one of these to try, but thanks to TSS, I got it for free! :D 

 I was like ZOMG! The colour is really vibrant on my lips, and my lips sure look fuller.
And if you're wondering, nope, I did not apply any lipstick before applying this Strawberry one.

Can you see how well the colour pays off on your lips?

An over-exposed photo for you to see clearly. xD

Of course, like many other product that Mentholatum have produced, this chapstick is super moisturizing and hydrating!

Word of advice, you might want to use a makeup remover to take the product off your lips. :)

Thanks for reading.

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