Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celyn's 21st

By the way, I really hope you guys can help me to vote!  :D
Thanks and your help is much appreciated!

Zomg, effing love the shading I did that day! Even tho it's a lil fake. xD

Starting to appreciate my bone structure/profiles.

Drove that day. Picked Alfred, Jiahui and Jayley up at Sunshine Plaza.
At Celyn's condo!

With one of the Jia(s). Jia Hui. :)

Candid shots taken by me! :D

5 of us! Jia Hao, Jia Qi, Mengyu, Jia Yi and Jia Hui! (ALL THE JIA in the HOUSE yo!)

Group shot of the the gang.
Finally had the chance to take photo with the birthday girl! She was like so busy that day, mingling to all her guests!

Couldn't help but laugh out loud when they say to pose angrily.

Haha, I'm forever camera-ready!

A group photo with all the guests that day who attended!

Took even more photos when most of the guests left.
Angry, Cheese, Show some teeth and Wink! ;)

I love them! Sucha awesome bunch of people to hang out with.
Fate is really amazing. Thanks to the JYPE auditions, we got to know each other, ones with common interests; Singing, dancing and K-pop. :)

Shall end of this post with a group hug!
I'm missing them already! :(
Guys! If y'all are reading this, hurry organize the Minds' cafe trip! :D


  1. many photos in this post right, you look like jiaqi!

  2. @Anonymous
    Hahaha, I'll take that as a good thing! XD

  3. Omg u getting prettier! U contoured your nose? what did you use to contour?

  4. please please please don't get braces! waste money since your teeth are fine the way they are! I think I have a fetish for cute teeth like yours! it suits just perfectly for your face!! really!! I know it's not my decision, but I hope you know how beautiful you natural look is to people like me.. hehe :D

  5. @Anonymous1 Haha! Really? :D
    @Jayley Yeah man! Been quite sometimes since someone said that we look alike.
    @Anonymous2 Haha, where got! It's all the makeup! Yes, I did. With brown eyeshadow!
    @Anonymous3 XD
    @Anonymous4 Oh man, if I were to see this comment before going to put braces, I might change my mind. Oh wells. I always wanted straighter and neater teeth. Hope the pain that I'm going through right now will be worth it! :D But thanks for your comment! <3

  6. is putting on braces very pain? im intending to go for one.. :(

  7. @Anonymous5 My advise to you, don't do it unless it's necessary. It hurts like mad. You'll get so frustrated cos you can't chew the hard food. :(

  8. Hi hayley! Where to buy the "happy birthday" decoration ?



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