Thursday, August 04, 2011

Clozette Couturier + Shine Youth Festival

30th July 2011

Cabbed down to Orchard Central to support Jayley for her first appearance for New Face 2011.
But the show ended when I reached. T_T
15 bucks cab fare flew away! :(

That day was a good day to camwhore! Curled my hair with tongs and surprising it's was a good hair day!
#1 and #2.

A few of favourite photos of the day (Taken by Iphone 4's front camera).#3

#4 - See, what I meant by good hair day! :D

#5 - The one I twitpic-ed! Follow me on twitter if you still haven't!

The following are taken by my casio camera.




#9 - Side profile.

Cabbed down to Mohammed Sultan Road for the Clozette Couturier event!


#11 - A table full of cute lil goodies!

#12 - Hard white chocolate marshmellows.

#13 - So pretty!

#14 - Range of clothes/shoes/accessories to choose from.



#17 - The black dress Jayley and I picked out.

#18 - That goes well with this golden pumps!

 #19 - Polaroid taken at the event with Jayley.

#20 - So there was a challenge that day! We were suppose to dress ourselves up with the available clothings there. And this is what I (and Jayley), come out with. :)



#23 - With Jayley and Esther.

After that event, we proceed heading to Vivo City for the last event of the day - Shine Youth Festival!
If you don't know what's Shine about, it's actually a month long event.
Awards was given out and surprisingly, met one of my secondary school friend there!

#24 - Justine Lee.

#25 - Buffet!

#26 - Captain America movie tickets.

#27 - With Jayley twinny.

#28 - Camwhore. xD

#29 - Here's a photo taken by William, and this gentleman in the middle is Justine's dad.

#30 - With Justine.

#31 - The top 10 nominees~

#32 - Justine receiving his award.

#33 and #34 - After the award giving ceremony, we were invited to stay and watch Captain America!

Took a long bus ride back and took even more peektures! xD
#35 - Goofing around with the Clozette Couturier's satin material goodie bag, as my hat. 

#36 and #37 - Am loving these two photos! 

#38 and #39 - Frontal shots.

#40 - Show some teeth babeh~

#41 - My current Twitter display picture! 

 So which photo is your favourite? 
Do leave me some comments! :)


  1. Ur picture #1 look like korean !!

  2. Gorgeous! Your skin looks fair and FLAWLESS!!
    For some reason your curled hair (and maybe skin tone?) in the polaroid reminded me of Taylor Swift! And you look super slim and tall in the black dress! (Also the picture is long enough that I had to keep scrolling haha xD)

    Jayley looks pretty (and with flawless skin) too!

  3. You look way prettier than jayley

  4. lol ya i wanted to say the very first pic look like korean also. haha and in that pic of u and jayley the polaroid you finally look like u are the older sister HAHA

  5. babe, where did you get your lens from? wanted to get a few pairs but can't seems to find a local, reliable and up to date place to get them~ ):

  6. Hey girl may I know what Casio camera you use?? Please reply!!! :D

  7. @Anonymous1 Haha, really? xD
    @Anonymous2 Aw thank you for the compliments! :D
    @Cx I'm lucky to have you as well!
    @Anonymous3 Hee, thanks!
    @Anonymous4 Well, I don't think so!
    @Nana Thanks!
    @Pamele Yeo Haha! Oh really! xD
    @Anonymous5 I was sponsored by various blogshops. Couldn't remember their URL at the moment! Maybe you wanna check my archives? :)
    @Anonymous6 I'm thinking of selling my Casio cam! Interested? :D Email me!

  8. where did you get your hair curler? how much? :)

  9. @Anonymous7 The one I used in this post was from Vivo's pushcart, 100+++ I think.



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