Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Ain't this baby the cutest thing in the world?!
Look that the hamham! Photogenic! xD

Random photos of mommy ham ham and the newborn babies!

This one is a few weeks (going a month) old already!

Look at how innocent it look, while doing its' small business. LOL

Shall end off this post with a picture with the ham ham!

And would anyone like to buy them at 5 bucks each? :)


  1. Hello! I'm interested! Let me know! (:

  2. you have anymore hamsters left?? :D

  3. Hey pretty! Just afew enquire, dunno if you could helped me. I just bought a female and male ham ham recently. How long does it takes for my female ham to get pregant and how do I know if my female hammie is pregnant ? I read that if its giving birth i have to leave e babies inside e cage without touching them yet after afew weeks ? Hope to heard from you soon, thanks!

  4. @Rolinda Yes! I'm serious in selling! Left two hammies now!
    @chompps Sure! Why don't you email me instead! xD
    @Trixy Haha, cute right!
    @Rolinda Yes, left 6 more! :D Tweet me or email me if you want to buy!
    @Anonymous1 I don't know how to explain. There's no fixed amount of time for a female ham ham to get pregnant actually. Well, you are not advise to touch the babies until they can eat food on their own. Cos the parents are very protective towards their babies at that stage of time. So yeah, you do not want to leave your scent on the babies, if not the parents won't be able to recognize them anymore. Hope this helps.

  5. Yup thanks for your help! (: And once the wife give birth i should take the husband to another cage is it ?

  6. What is the brand of the fake lashes you're wearing? :)

  7. @Anonymous2 There's no brand! I think I got it from Bugis :)

  8. Can you take a picture and post it in your blog? Thnank you :)

  9. @Anonymous3 I may be twitpic-ing it next time :)



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