Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Photos

.... That I've found in my lappie.
A photoshoot for a MUA friend of mine - Beauty shots.
Looking back at these photos, makes me realised how much one's appearance can change so much just by dying the hair!

A colour that I would hardly wear on my eyes. xD

And oh! Saw this extremely cute Volkswagen Beetle last time I was at IKEA.
Makes me want it SO SO SO BADLY! Ain't the lashes at the headlights, adorable? All pink somemore!

Another random photo of all the Sleek eyeshadow palettes I owe so far. Their pigmentation is (Y)!
From L to R: Sunset, Storm and Sparkles.

Loreal eyeshadows.
Last time, I always use Bustling's brown for my eyebrows.

And Wet n Wild's 8 pans eyeshadow - Petal Pusher.
Bought this online as they are not available in Singapore.
No flash - With flash.
Very pigmented and inexpensive!
Singapore should totally carry more drugstore brand cosmetics!

Last random photo: My entire Victoria Secrets collection.
Thanks to Casper! xoxo

The only Parfum I own now! Have yet to use it.

Will be flying to Hongkong later (at around 2pm) for a 4-days getaway.
Hope everything will be fine. :D
Changed 150 SGD and mom sponsored me 500 bucks (200 SGD in case of emergency). 
Muahaha! xD

Anyways, do me a favour by helping me vote for this contest I'm in kays?

Simply create an account with Clozette Couturier or connect with any of your existing Gmail/Yahoo/FB/Twitter, to vote! Start voting for me now and you'll stand a chance to win a COACH Poppy Groovy bag (the purple one - so chio!!!!).

Click on THIS or the picture, and you'll be directed to the page. :)

Flood me with comments k? :D
And I do hope that when I'm back from Hongkong, you guys will help me to be no.1 in the ranking among all the other girls. :D

I'm currently 3rd. :(

Bye now! 


  1. You should totally perm your hair permanently!

  2. @Regina Haha, but I always thought having straight hair is more versatile. Like you can tong your hair whenever you want. xD

  3. Any ideas where to get those mists? :]

  4. @hihi Eh? What mists are you talking about here?

  5. The Victoria's Secret body mists! :]

  6. @hihi You can get them at places like Chinatown, Lucky Plaza etc. :)



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