Sunday, October 09, 2011


Yes! This year's McDonald's Monopoly game will take place from 23 September to 2 November 2011! Apart from the "Instant Win" labels and "Collect to Win" labels, McDonald's is introducing a brand new "Chance Card" label for the first time! This label gives an instant S$100 cash prize plus an entry into a Grand "Chance Card" Draw where all unwon prizes will be given away!

If you saw the bus roaming around in town or watches the Teevee, you would have already know that the McDonald’s Monopoly game is back! With over 3 million prizes to be won!

First prize: 80,000 dollars! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! How I wish I would be that lucky one!
Second prize: A Volkswagen Touran. Goodness! How I wish I can have my own car!
Third prize: A trip to Atlanta. Fourth prize: A trip to Prague.

Gonna start eating Mac from now on, especially on the weekends!

That's because if I were to purchase any Extra Value Meal on the weekends, I would get DOUBLE the number of game labels, thus increasing my chances of winning the big prizes!

Here's what I've collected so far!
Marina Bay
Ardmore Park
Newton Road
Robinson Road
Farrer Park
Ang Mo Kio

I have 1 extra each for Farrer Park and Ang Mo Kio.
So who wanna exchange with me?
Change Sentosa Cove with me luh!

Haha, just joking. Enjoy this game before it ends!

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