Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Freshly dyed hair

DIY-ed-dye myself (and together with my mom's help)!

How do y'all like my new hair colour?

Anyways, shall head to bed now! Goodnight and good luck to all the people taking their papers! Hwaiting! Remember: Never give up even if you're stuck at the questions! ;)


  1. You look very very good!! Younger in a good way, like more Korean and it kes your face look more awake esp without makeup! Mind sharing which hair dye and colour you used?<3

  2. @Anonymous1 Haha, thanks for the compliments! I used Liese's Classic Chocolate. :)

  3. Due to curiosity, many people want to try different experiments on their hair. They seem to be satisfied if they find their hair looking great with the different application they put into it like curling, straightening and even hair dying.



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