Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shokubutsu/I-Weekly Top 40 @ Iluma Atrium

Happy Saturday everyone! ;)
Photos taken while stuck In a cab, on the way to Iluma.
Wearing Freshkon contact lens. 13.8 mm only. So not used to looking at myself wearing small lenses.

And I'm late! :(



#3 - Spot the pimple on my forehead. :(




#9 - Tadaaaa~ Here we are at the Top 40 Auditions.

#10 - Coincidentally, met Judith (my secondary school mate) there.

#11 - I was No. 30. :)

#12 - All the media people and passerbys.

#13 - Are you able to spot my mom?
Answer: The lady behind the Yellow shirt girl, wearing B&W stripe tee.

#14 - The Shokubutsu board.

#15 - Our scouted photos.
Was scouted on the day where I was having my flea @ Scape.
Jayley was shortlisted as well. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it due to her cast meeting.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled to the Teevee! She will be appearing on a Channel U's drama!

#16 - With mommy, who have not been to Iluma before. :P

#17 - Guess who was sitting in front of me?
Answer: Romeo and Dawn Yeoh.

#18 - Natural Beauty Workshop starting.


#20 - See this cute lil girl who ran towards the stage. SO ADORABLE!

#21 - Anyways, thanks Xiang Ping and Stella for shouting my name when I was called.

That's about it!
Do come on down to Bugis on 19th Nov if you're free.
It's the finals of the Shokubutsu. Commences from 4pm to 7pm.

Thanks for reading!


  1. hey girl, where did you dye your hair? what colour? :)

  2. Hi girl. Ive been viewing your blog probably since half a year ago. I know that something is happening between you and her right now. Although im just a stranger and dont know in detail about everything, i just want you to know that you are a sweet lady judging from your blog posts and have your own dreams. Please dont give up whatever hope you may have, and continue to strive hard for your future. Im sure you can be comparable to her in many ways. :) hang on there, you will always have my support.

  3. Oh and do remember that, in terms of looks and personality, you're the big winner. :D dont let others pull you down, but prove to them that you are capable of achieving your own dreams. :) all the best to you. (im a 16 year old girl, hehe.)

  4. @Anonymous1 DIY and with the help of my mom. Liese's Classic Chocolate.
    @Anonymous2 Aww, I'm really ashamed. You're 16 years old and yet so positive and encouraging! Thank you very very very much. <3



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