Saturday, October 01, 2011

It's okays, it's fine.

Been feeling down lately. Somehow, there's this sense of isolation deep within me. Only my darling is able to melt that feeling away whenever he's around me. Sighs.
Things don't always go the way you want or expect it to be. I guess we have to just leave with it. Life still goes on you know. Nobody really give a damn about you feeling restless and negatively. The world is still spinning. And there's no way you can stop it.

So let's all buck the hell up and move on with our heads high up! (Y)

Peace out.


  1. saw you and your sis at zouk ystd, your hair is super long.. and saw ur bf at butter factory on friday..haha coincidence.

  2. @Anonymous1 Hi there. Oh really? xD Saw my BF at butter fac? Are you sure you saw the right person? Cos he was working that night. I asked JX, and it wasn't him neither.

  3. cannot be. i am really sure i saw both of them(with my friends as well).. on friday not inside butter factory, but outside there with a bunch of friends.



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