Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie review: Footloose

Watched Footloose yesterday together with Jayley and Edwin @ Cineleisure.

Here's Ren MacCormack (starred by Ren MacCormack) and Ariel Moore (starred by Julianne Hough).
Ariel is so pretty in this printcap! Blonde curly long locks and a pink flowy dress = Best SWEET Combination!

And of course, with every main characters, comes those minor characters to accompany them.
Here's Miles Teller as Willard and Ziah Colon as Rusty.
Willard is a really funny guy in the show! Always bringing laughters.

He didn't know how to dance until he learnt from Ren. And here's him showcasing his efforts.

Footloose is a nice and heartwarming show. If you're a dancer or someone who is passionate about dance, I'm quite certain you would like this movie. :)

Here's the trailer!


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