Monday, October 31, 2011

No more being HayPUNZEL!

That faithful day when I had to chop off my locks, had finally arrived!

21 October 2011

Was spotted by Fumi-san on the streets @ Scape sometime back, after OMY Blog Awards.

There was how I got approached, to have a major makeover for my hair!
Guess it was fated after all. 

#1 - How can I start the post without my camwhore photo? LOL

#2 - Okays la, only 2. Side profile!

#3 - Atas and classy Raffles Hotel!

#4 - Directory. The final destination is KIZUKI + LIM 03-04.

#5 - Right below the salon.

#6 - Taken in the toilet.

#7 - Here we are in the salon!

#8 - First time after wash. Gosh, looking at this photo makes me misses my hair.

#9 - Acco-san washing my hair for me.

#10 - Starting of BLEACHING of hair roots session!
The lady with blonde hair is Akiyo-san, and the MIB is Kataro-san, the director of the salon himself! So honored to have him doing my hair! His service fee charge for just hair cutting is 150 SGD okay. O_O Don't play play.

#11 - Photographers of the day, Mr (name whom I don't remember!) and Henry (MIB).

#12 - Guess who popped by! xD

In case you're wondering, the colour of my hair (as mentioned by Kantaro-san) is English Milk Tea. :)

#13 - Kantaro-san drying my hair for me. That's Fumi-san and MUA at the background.

 #14 - He can be really goofy sometimes! xD

#15 - *Smiles* Can't help it. Fumi-san kept commenting,"Kawaii~" *Blushes*

#16 - Drying in process.
#17 - With the crew plus MUA.

Didn't take anymore photo after drying my hair completely. Changed into a Yellow dress (worth 260 bucks) and had a mini photoshoot outside the salon. Yeah, kinda getting use to having people staring at you, wondering what you're doing or who you're posing for in the public already. xD

They may look the same and has the same expressions, but I like all of them!
So no choice, y'all have to see them! xD
Good hair day are hard to come by okays! Must snap more!
Why not, let me provide some camwhore tips too. HAHAHAHA

#18 - First shot ~ Frontal. Love C's Samsung camera. Makeup mode = (Y)

#19 - Me and C's favourite photo of the day! 

#20 - Then tilt your head slightly to the side and look up.

#21 - Keep all of the hair to the side, smile!

#22 - Close your eyes, smile big and flaunt your lashes!

#23 - Try the don't-smile-puppy-eyes look too! :P

#24 - Puppy eyes plus tilt head down combi.

#25 & #26 - What shall I name this.... Pursed lips plus frown pretty look? LOL!

#27 - *Petty face*

#28 - Point your finger at your pursed lips.
#29 - Pouty lips with a Victory sign.
#30 - Try pinning up your fringe for a change.
#32 - Yes, the doe eyes AKA puppy eyes again. :X

Finally done! C came to pick me up and we head to Cineleisure for dinner. Oh boy I was famished!

#33 - My dinner plus another 2 slices of Kaya toast. *Stomach growling*

Next up are some photos taken by C. :)
#34 - Head resting the wall, hair tuck behind ears.

#35 - Normal smile.
#36 - C: Smile bigger la!

#37 and #38 - Taken with my Iphone front camera.

 #39 - Taken with his Samsung.

#40 - Specially took this photo cos he hardly dress up. LOL

#41 - C goofing around at the carpark.

#42 - Last 2 photos before I remove the makeup on my face.


#44 - C with his blazer still on. *Snaps*
#45 - Makeup off, but still having nice hair! xD

Yup, that pretty much concludes the day of my hair cutting session @ Kizuki!

Thanks you guys so much for the support that y'all have showered me on Twitter as well as FB. :D
Add my 2nd account if you have not done so! 

Do come down to Bugis on the 19 of November, 4pm to 7pm if you have the time.
It's my finals for Shokubutsu. :D

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Do leave me a comment down below and tell me which are your favorite photos of mine! xD
Thanks for reading this!


  1. wow~U look damn cute n dolly w ur new hairstyle!Nice!XD

  2. LOOKING AWESOME with the shorter hair! #20 really does look like Felicia Chin (dun tell her but i think you are prettier! ^^) <3

  3. You loook super CHIO! :D

  4. yupp,you look really freaking chio with this hairstyle.
    anw,u mean you get ur hair cut for FREE???

    *mad with envy~

  5. u look like a doll with your new hairstyle:) Pretty:)

  6. Hayley ! ~ all of your photos i liked it alot :) Beautiful. <3 And your hairstyle is simply awesome!!

  7. nice n chio pics love ur hair =) love all e photos here =) btw where u gt e stich i-phone cover ar it cute =)

  8. You looked prettier with this hair style :)

  9. To everyone here who commented, thank you so much for the kind and flattering comments! :D
    P.S. My stitch cover was bought from Hongkong.



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