Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shokubutsu/I-Weekly photoshoot and filming

Skipped school and went to Mediacorp yesterday for Iweekly and Shokubutsu's 我i自然美 at around 4 plus. :)

Hair and makeup in process.

Hair stylist curling my hair for me. He's too a KPOP lover from Malaysia.

Went on to change into:
Haha, spelt my name wrongly. xD

Do vote for me at their FB page when the video is out!
And remember that I'm number 14!

After a photoshoot of fun and filming for the video that need to be uploaded to their FB, it's camwhoring time! :P





#5 - My favourite photo of the day!

#6 - With one of the contestants, Apple.

Drove to Cineleisure after it ended to meet Edwin and Jayley.
Camwhoring in Old Town. xD

#7 - Another self-proclaimed pretty photo of myself. LOL!
#9 - Last photo of the day. Loving how the curls look when tied up.
Spotted by the admins of my Hayleycopters spotted on I-Weekly's FB

Was number 30 that day. :D

Oh, do mark this date down on your calendar! 
The finals are on 19 Nov, 4pm to 7pm @ Bugis.

See y'all there!

Thanks for reading.


  1. hayley, where u dye ur hair?

  2. U look pretty with curly hair toos:D

  3. Hey Hayley ! Where do you get your colour lens from? Any blogshop to recommend ? Thanks :)

  4. Phew finally u din get eliminated.
    Thank God jiaqi din take part in it. If not it'll be another de javu scenario like NPNF and TVN audition..

  5. @Anonymous1 DIY-ed myself with the help of my mom.
    @Anonymous2 Liese's Classic Chocolate.
    @Anonymous3 Aww, thank you! :)
    @Anonymous4 Was sponsored by various past advertisers. Am too looking for blogshops that are selling lenses legally too!
    @Anonymous5 >_<

  6. did jiaqi actually wanted to take part in this shokubutsu's contest too? or she thought she'd let you participate alone this time round since she has 2 major competitions backing her up already?

  7. @Joanna Yeah, she wanted to. But wasn't quite free to be there that day.



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