Saturday, October 22, 2011

TVnstarhunt Closed Door Auditions @ Starhub Green

Woke up late that day. Thanks Daddy for fetching us down to the ulu side of Singapore - Ubi.

#1 - No. 93. Was the 2nd last girl for the whole audition okays!

#2 - *Smiles*

#3 - Twin power (Y)

#4 - And guess who we met there! Minhua! Jayley's blog banner photographer. He's one hell of a talented dude! *Envious*

#5 - With our number stickers.

#6 - Meng Yu was there too! :D

#7 - I shamelessly went to the front of the stage and took this photo. xD

#8 - With Hakim. :)

#9 - During our breaktime, saw this two lil girls who turned out to be Twin as well, downstairs!
The one sitting in the cram is the older one, while the one I'm next to, is the younger one.

#10 - Photo grabbed from FB.

#11 - With Kelly! Met her through the JYPE Auditions. :) Girl really know how to sing and dance!

#12 - Polariods ~ With Jayley and Kelly. (All the 'ly') xD

#13 -  C and J. No pun intended.

#14 - Last one with Meng Yu.

So I didn't get into the next round. If I were to say I'm not disappointed, it would be a lie.
Truth is, ever since NPNF2011, I've been feeling real down. Perhaps cos Jayley and I have always been going to auditions together forever. And these day, whenever I go with her, she will always be the one getting chosen. The only thing I can comfort myself with;  DAMN IT! BRACES. 

End of the day, what's mine, will be mine! No point dwelling on things that have been a fact, and passed. Put it down and leave it behind, the world will be so much brighter!

That aside, I sung I'm Yours and danced to G.NA's Black and White (What's new? Lol.)
Irene Ang was real funny! Guess she knew that we're twin, and told us to dance together on the spot.
Totally caught us unprepared. So Jayley danced Black and White again, with me. The 2nd time we danced, I looked into all the judges' eyes, only to find them all looking at Jayley dancing, intriguingly.
Oh wells! :D Always look on the bright side of life!

Later at night, accompanied C to his uncle's house warming!
#15 - Meet Jacko!

#16 - ..... ME! LOL

#17 - AND! C! ROFL

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice post ! :D You're so pretty ! :> Blog more aites ! :D

  2. Here to steal photos! <3 love your new hair! and your face is tiny beside mine TT^TT

  3. i feel for you, girl, when you said that jayley is always the one going through. but dont get too caught up on that, cuz these things are only temporary. fighting! you're beautiful in your own way :)

  4. i love the photos~ soo cool and cute <333

  5. Nevermind abt the'looking at jayley....'...cuz every1 have diff charms/talent/skill..I think u can model better than jayley!N why not try different stuff n thing instead of all these?You should try for air stewardess again..I think u can pass!Anyway,all the best yea!XD

  6. @-Blog- Haha thank you! :) Sure, am trying to!
    @MengYu xD Where got!
    @Anonymous1 Aw, thanks for the encouragement. :D
    @JULIATANNN Haha, thank you!
    @Anonymous2 xD Thanks my dear. :D



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