Wednesday, November 09, 2011

2011 MTV Europe Music Awards

2 days ago, JayWin and I attended the #MTVEMA screening at MTV Singapore's office @ around 9.45am in the morning. They were so nice to send a cab to our house for free! My 3rd screening with MTV. xoxo

The Red Carpets were shown first. Well, the carpet was actually pink. Many artistes shown up. The one that left an impression in me was Bruno Mars, cladded in pink jackets with his backup crew. Almost camouflaged into the carpet. LOL

If you have been following me on Twitter, you would have know that I was spamming my Twitter the whole morning with the award winners.

#1 - Watching it LIVE telecast from US, together with other bloggers.

#2 - Jay looking nonchalant and Edwin's goofy face.

#3 - Drew as usual.
Award Winners:
  1. Best Alternative - Thirty Seconds To Mars
  2. Best Live - Katy Perry
  3. Best Female - Lady Gaga
  4. Best Male - Justin Bieber *Bieber Blast Huh*
  5. MTV Global Icon - Queen
  6. Best Hip Hop - Eminem
  7. Best New - Bruno Mars
  8. Best Pop - Justin Bieber
  9. Best Video - Lady Gaga's Born This Way
  10. World Wide Act - Big Bang (Asia Pacific)

#4 - My version of Spongebob. I know, I know. It doesn't look like the painting at all. But hey, at least I tried! xD

#5 - Managed to snap a photo before...... Our band of favourite musician are out.
Managed to catch it yet? ;)

#6 - YES! B I G to the BANG!
(Sorry for the unclear photo, but you can guess who they are by their hairstyle and dress sense right? ;))

So everything ended at around 1pm in the afternoon. Ended the session with a group photo.

#7- When I returned to my seat, found a Spongebob plushie sitting in my bag!
It was given to me by the one of the staffs of MTV. Cammie saw my drawing of Spongebob and showed it to her colleague from Nickelodeon, who was the one who drew that Spongebob painting!
I was elated! xD

#8 - Smiley Hay on the Goofy JayWin.

So we left the place and cabbed to Serangoon Gardens. Never ever been to this part of Singapore ever. Bought froyo from Frolicks and chilled. Hung out a while before we cabbed back home.
Funshion movies and drama all the way till night time.
And saw this on 晚报。

#9 - An article on C.
C had been STOMP-ed lately due to a comment he tweeted. 15880 Views till date!
Oh wells.... All I can say is: ASSUMPTIONS KILLS! Big time.
When will people learn to stop assuming things and put words into others' mouth?

Anyways, all the facts are in this article. He tweeted such things because of what he saw and felt at the MOMENT of time. So yeah, that's about it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your drawing is gd n cute!!

  2. Please do a tutorial on how to draw as good as you! I really love your anime eyes! So pretty!



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