Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy Busy Day


#1 - 2 pieces of drawing done by my classmate Noni for C and I. *Aww, ain't she sweet? :D*
She's so talented I swear!

#2 - Camwhored at home before parents sent me to Sentosa.

#3 - Favourite-photo-of-the-day No. 1.

#4 - Favourite-photo-of-the-day No. 2.

#3 - Wow, I really like how my double eyelids and nose looks here! Like NAISE. Hahaha! XD

#4 - :O

#5 - I reached quite early at Azzura. (My first time here) And it was drizzling then. :/

#6 - Meet Natalie, the other model of the day. Damn! She's so tall and skinny! *Envious*

#7 - Hair and makeup starts now~

#8 - Natalie back for some touching up after shooting under the hot hot sun.
From L to R: Gyno (Hair Stylist), Fumi-san (Coordinator) and Rei (MUA).

#9 - Side view.

#10 - Basic face makeup and eyelashes put on.

#11 - Trick to having Jappy lashes is to combine a half cut lashes onto a full, uncut one.

#12 - Hair styling in process.

#13 - Wow, my hair look so copper-ish red here!

#14 - Almost done~

#15 - And...... DONE! :D

#16 - With Gyno. XD

#17 - After hair and makeup, changed into the first outfit of the day.
A floral romper from Forever 21.

#18 - Say hi to Bella, an intern working for Nth'.

#19 - Second outfit! Gotta love that colour combination man. Something I've never tried before - Yellow mustard cardigan. And zomg, I super love that bun Gyno did! Makes me so Jappy! :P

#20 - Last but not least, the last outfit. The sun was about to set when I changed into this one.

#21 - First time ever having to do my hair and makeup simultaneously.

#22 - Photoshoots are always tiring and full of perspiration. But hey! It's all worth it when you get super pretty photos! :D

#23 - Love the photo in the middle. XD

#24 - Finally ended at around 6plus. Group photo time!
From L to R: Rei, Gyno, Hayley and Natalie.

#25 - Sweety Natalie.....

#26 - ....And goofy Natalie. xD

#27 - Another one with Gyno, the awesome hair stylist!

#28 - Last one with Rei and Natalie before rushing off back to Vivo.

#29 - Beautiful scenery @ Azzura.

#30 - 雨过就会天晴。

#31 - This one was taken from the Beach station platform.

#32 - Reached Vivo City at 7plus for....
The Frank by OCBC event.

#33 - Yup, they have just opened this store in Vivo. So do go down and check out the 100 over card designs they have for your Debit and Credit cards. ;)
My favourite section:

#34 - :)

#35 - With Christine babe.
We were actually required to dress up to a theme on any of the card design available. And she won the best dressed award for the day!
I'm so totally digging her "Cha-Cha book" which in fact is a small clutch by Kate Spade.
So unique and special!

#36 - Did you manage to spot my face? ;)

#37 - Some refreshments was served after a talk.

#38 - With a fellow blogger, Jemimah. Totally adore the outcome of this photo taken by her DSLR. So nice and sharp!

#39 - On my way to City Hall MRT. Digging the effect of this photo. xD

#40 - Sushi Fumi-san ordered for the girls.

#41 - From the L to R: Fumi-san, Yan Ping (Fellow Stitch lover!) and Nabi (Zomg, she's so fluent when speaking Japanese. If you were to close your eyes, you would think it's a Japanese who spoke please.)

#42 - The shoot was held in this shop.

#43 - Here's Fumi-san taking photos for behind-the-scenes.

#44 - From L to R: Roger, Yan Ping, Nabi, Fumi-san, Eddie (Photographer of this shoot) and his assistance whose name I've forgotten. :x

So the first shoot at Sentosa's Azzura is for the 3rd edition of Nth' Magazine which is coming out in early December, filed under LA Style.

The second one is for Fitting Room.
Totally can't wait for the magazine to come out to see how's the outcome of the photos.

Gotta thank the whole Nth' crew for this wonderful and fun experience! :D

And of course my dearest C who came and waited for me for almost an hour?

Having someone to hug after the end of a tiring day is such a blissful thing.

#45 - Finally home at around 11 plus. Pampered my skin after a whole day of having make up on.

That's about it! Thanks for reading guys!
Do give/leave me any comments down below!


  1. awwwww... u look totally sweet in ur photoshoot!!! Love those shots!

  2. @Clara Aww, thank you sweetie pie! xoxo



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