Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catwalk Training II and SG Hit Awards

Thank god parent were at home to fetch me to Macpherson. :D

#1 - 2nd and final training for the catwalk before the real thing on 19th of November.
The organizers also informed us that we will be judged on our talent showcase if we're one of the 10 who have advanced to the Top 10 on that day itself. :/

#2 - Starting to get use to smiling with my braces, although I still don't like it. xD

Was raining heavily and can't believed that parents stayed from 10am till 1pm and waited for me to finish before fetching me home.
So went home to change and bath. Dad fetched Jayley to town and came back to fetch me to Kallang again, tho I said don't have to. *Awwww touched*

Did a makeup tutorial before heading out, and gosh! It sucks! Probably will re-do it before uploading it.

#3 - Taken on the car.

#4 - Totally forgotten that the show starts at 7.30pm. When I reached the stadium, it was only 6pm. :/
Walked with my newly bought wedge to Leisure Park and chilled at Yoguru for quite a while. Collected my tickets from the nice F&N staffs. :D

Last minutely WA Alfred and asked if he's keen to come. And he agreed! :D
Saw Darryl while I was waiting for Alfred to reach. Aloysius was nice enough to call and look for me. :)

#5 - Went in first with Alfred. Photo was taken with handy Iphone4 without any zoom.

#6 - To my right.

#7 - See if you are able to spot Aloy.

 #8 - Okay, this should be quite obvious. xD I wasn't even able to recognize him with his outfit yesterday! So geeky and not him. LOL

 #9 - Last minute partner of the day - Alfred Sng seal seal. XD

 #10 - 新加坡金曲奖 Music is Life, officially kicked off at around 8pm.
And 胡夏 was the first singer of the show.

#11 -嚴爵.

 Known for this song:

Wasn't able to take any more photos due to low battery.

#12 - Friends of the day.
JayWin and Hayfred. LOL

#13 - Shall end of this post with a photo of Jay on the Hay. :D

我可是听出了耳油!能现场听众多歌手唱歌,真高兴!尤其看到了孙燕姿!:D 何維健 好帅气哦~ 第二次那么近距离看见他 ^_^

Thanks for reading!


  1. You've been blogging more lately! :)

  2. @Rachel Trying my best to update as regularly as possible! :D



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