Monday, November 07, 2011

Festive Hotel @ RWS

P.S. Sorry for the lousy photos. Taken with my Iphone. Didn't bring my camera along. :(

So 5 days back, parents last minutely booked a room @ Sentosa Resort World.
They told the staffs that they wanted Hard Rock Hotel but the room that we went to was Festive Hotel. :/ Luckily the room turns out to alright.

#1 - Single double bed bunk with a smiley Jayley.

#2 - Very comfy on top! With red quilted walls. LOL

 #3 - Random photo my overexposed legs and the stairs down the bed.

#4 - Taken from the bunk.

#5 - Next to the bunk and wardrobe is the King size bed. With my mom lying on it and dad watching teevee.

#6 - Taken from the bunk. xD
#7 - Taken at the balcony, looking into the room.

#8 - View from our balcony.

Parents went to Casino and the 3 of us went to Fiesta for dinner. Buffet style for our appetizer and dessert. Didn't snap too many photos tho.

#9 - My dinner, Salmon steak that costs 38 bucks - IMHO, seriously overpriced. Not very nice also tho the skin of the salmon was very crispy.

Back at the hotel room. Guess what JayWin was up to?
Pillow fights and.........

#10 - LOL

#11 - ......Rolling Jayley into a caterpillar and 'beating' her up. SO DAMN FUNNY LA! They both are like my source of entertainment. ROFL at Jayley's facial expression.

Jayley: Why you roll me up into a popiah??!?!?!!
Edwin: Why you so heavy???!?!?!


Thanks for reading.


  1. hi hayley! can i ask, the festive hotel room can accomodate how many ppl? 4 ppl can? haha thanks! :D

  2. @Anonymous1 Yes, more than 4 also can. :D



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