Monday, November 14, 2011

Photos from last week


#1 - Shock to see this scene: A flood at my neighborhood?!

#2 - Bored in class and I drew my......
Left hand with a almost-running-out-of-ink-purple-highlighter. Lol.

#2 - Noni drew me, my name and a stitch too. xD

#3 - She's really talented!

#4 - Had a mini presentation of Crisis Management. Pardon my hand writing. xD
Here's Ron! :D

#5 - Page two.


#6 - C wa-ed me a photo of a pair of bling bling couple caps he bought from Sans Fransico! *Aww*

#7 - Rude Malay dude who came to sit at our table without even asking if the seat was taken. Zzz

#8 - Supper with JayWin @ Pioneer's hawker. Nicest economic beehoon ever!

#9 - On my way driving to Liang Court. xD

#10 - Was told to draw a pig before my hair and makeup for the shoot, by the Nth' staffs.
So there you go. LOL, sorry about the skinny front leg. xD

#11 - Love to sit back and relax, waiting to see the transformation whenever there's a professional around to do your hair and makeup.

Totally fell asleep when the hairstylist was blowing my hair for me.

#12 - End result + change of clothings.

#13 - New FB page photo! :D

Walked across to Fort Canning for the photoshoot. Photographer was Chuck Reyes.
Hope the photos turn out nice!

That's about it!
Thanks for reading!



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