Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Shokubutsu/I-Weekly Catwalk Training

Woke up early in the morning last Saturday (05112011), for our first catwalk training with a modelling agency named Shine.
Woke up at 7am. And Wanzhuo whatsapp me if I would want to meet and eat breakfast together.
Agreed to meet at Paya Lebar Mrt at 9am. 
Stupid me go change the location of meetup instead to Macpherson. :/
Missing our KFC breakfast, settling at some ulu 'cafe' at last.
Reached there at early 9 plus. Waited for an hour before this dude model from the agency reached.
Thought he would have the keys, but nope! 
Continued waiting. Walked back to 'cafe', and I totally fell asleep.
Well, it isn't exactly any cafe, just some Kopitiam that named itself cafe. *Self-denial owners*
Finally at around 11am, we walked back to the place and there, most of the girls had arrived.

#1 - 2nd picture of me totally expressed how I felt in the morning. *Hand smacks forehead*

#2 - A girl demonstrating for us the pageant walk.

Assistants were there to talk and teach us the walk. However, we had to go downstairs due to the limited space. We were then lined up according to our height. Surprisingly, I was standing behind as the last few, thanks to the heels I brought! xD
We were further split into 2 groups of 8 girls and 1 group of 4?

#3 - The guy on the right wearing blue pants, Isse, was the guy that taught my group.

Was quite satisfying at the end of the day cos Isse told me that he liked my energy and the way I walked, for both the Street walk and the Pageant walk. :D

#4 - *Smiles with invisible victory sign*

#5 - MRT-ed to Bugis and walked around with Wanzhuo.
First popped by Kinokuniya for her Vivi book and my 8 Days magazine.
Read a lil at the Food Junction. Then went to Burger King to satisfy Wanzhuo's appetite. I totally fell asleep at BK while waiting for the 2nd time of the day. xD
Wanzhuo shopped at Sasa while I bought froyo from Frolick.
Walked to Bugis Village later on, and she decided to do gel nails at the 2nd floor.
Decided to stay around to wait for time pass by, so I'll be able to meet C later.

Forgotten to snap a photo of Wanzhuo's new set of nails. Frigging 160 bucks + I think! O_O
Finally, C touched down and came to Bugis for some treats with Jiaxi.
Went dinner with the Kangs and family.

Yup, that's about it for a day!
Thanks for reading!



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