Monday, November 21, 2011

Stripped, Ice-edged and Canton-I-ed


Recently, was invited down to Strip's outlet @ Ion. Previously, went to the one at Mandarin Gallery.

#1 - First time here at this outlet.

#2 - In collaboration with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group's Anti-Fur Movement, Strip is having a special promotion for all of you people!

From now till 31 December 2011, it will only cost $40 for a Brazilian wax (U.P. $58).  
And for each Brazilian wax done, Strip will donate $1 to the PETA. 
So yeah, if you're thinking of trying, now is the best time to do so! :D

Anyways, moving on.

#3 - Love the calming words they have in the room.

#4 - For first timers, don't worry! It isn't as pain as you thought it would be. So just........

#5 - My therapist doing her thing. She have been in this line for 5 years and counting already!

#6 - The wax she used for the Strawberry. Smell so good! Reminds me to YanYan. xD

#7 - Bye! xD

#8 - Other than the PETA promotion, there is also the Strip x Havaianas kit.

#9 - Get either the Top Ruby Red Kit or the Slim Purple Kit (which was what I chose) for S$40 and S$45 respectively.

#10 - Got a total of $10 voucher from Havaianas too.

After which, C came and look for me. JayWin tagged along.
Been raining these days. :(

C drove down to Kovan to meet his friend, Teck Lee, who is the owner of Ice Edge Cafe, to talk about his wedding stuffs. C was actually invited to be his wedding host! Too bad I didn't get the chance to see C host. xD

#11 - ':P'
Ain't C cute?! And yup, the guy on the right is Teck Lee.

#12 - Here's a series of candid shots of JayWin. Lol.

#13 - Edwin: Imma tied you up! XD

#14 - Spotted my name and C's name on the Teevee. xD

#15 - Being random, tied my hair up into a high high ponytail.

Met parents at Ion for dinner @ Canton-I. Dinner time!
#16 - SJQ took my phone and camwhored.

#17- Hee, now it's our turn. :P
#18 - How can we miss out our cute parents!

#19 - Loving the soft steamed peanuts they served before the main dishes comes.

Ordered a family package.
#20 - First dish up, Roast Duck with Popiah skin. SUPER YUMMY! 烧鸭超好吃的!

#21 - Look at that succulent meat! 看那鲜能多汁的肉啊!我的妈~

#22 - Slices of fish with mushroom and broccoli.

#23 - Super fat, big and juicy prawns! Oishii~

There was still other few dishes, but was too busy eating. :P

#24 - Dessert: Water chestnut + other ingredients. Super sweet I tell you! (Y)

#25 - 最后一道:莲蓉包。Longevity buns. So pretty!

Thanks for reading!


  1. How come cx and you are on TV? Do you have the link ? I wanna watch the 2 of u tgt!!

  2. were you shy when you went for waxing the first time ? let people see leh ><

  3. 15 years old can go oready?

  4. @Anonymous1 Haha, it's just a photo we took while we dined there. A form of advertisement for their shop I guess. :)
    @Anonymous2 Haha a lil. Eventually you will get over since both are females.
    Anonymous3 What for! 15 years old not necessary!

  5. DO they do stomach waxing and how much does that cost?

  6. Sorry i just saw that it cost 40 bucks. Erm, just the 40 bucks and the hair wont grow out anymore? Sorry, dont have any experience in this.

  7. @Anonymous4 Lol, yeah they are.
    @Anonymous5 Sorry dear, waxing is not like IPL (laser treatment). It just temporarily removes the hair and slow it down from growing. Hair will still come out after a while, but thinner as they are 'new' hairs, if you get what I mean. :)



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