Wednesday, November 02, 2011

TVnstarhunt Audition @ Square2

It's another big big day for my dear sister. Gotta show some love and support man! :D

#1 - First time washing my hair after the curling day. All straight and kinda frizzy!

#2 - BFF forever! It's Jay on the Hay on the Keh. ;)

#3 - The 2 lucky and talented girls that got through.

So Jayley was the last contestant to audition in front of the judges and crowds. Was so damn nervous for her! Totally lip-synced to the song while she was up there singing Adele's Set Fire to the Rain.

#4 - Thanks to the people who came to show support man! :D There were more than these, but these are the only photos I found/received.

After that, Edwin came. Went to Ajisan for some lunch. Jayley joined us after her interview ended.
#5 - #7

#8 - With the supporters who came to find us.

Went to C's house to chill for a while before heading down to Cine.
#9 - Bumped into my classmate, Noni at the entrance!

#10 - Another one! :D

#11 - Jayley reminded that QT was actually having her flea that day. So walked over to Scape and.....
Reminded of me her expression on her face when she saw my new haircut. xD

#12 - Escalator up to the 2nd level of Scape.

#13 - Spent 1 hour in the arcade. And yeah, the couple were busy fighting each other that they totally ignored my existence. :(

#14 - With Minhua and Alfred~

#15 - Meng Yu! :)

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Omgosh babe you look super super pretty when you smile with your braces <3

  2. @Anonymous1 Haha, really? xD Thanks!

  3. @Anonymous2 Kinda! Since the metal thingy are always gonna be in your mouth. There will bound to be uclers and all. :/ All for the name of beauty! xD



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