Sunday, November 20, 2011

Typical day at C's place


Not that C always fly to Korea, but yeah! He bought Korea's version of Yakult/Vitagen back to Singapore.

#1 - The ones you see on Dream High. xD

#2 - And that's C goofing around.

#3 - And he got this for me too! From Lotte mart. :D

Went to his house's nearest hawker center. Zomg, they have got like the BEST chicken wings ever.
The truth is that his house area have got a lot of famous, good and nice hawker food!

#4 - C's uncle brought along his lil companion along, Jacko.
Spot it! xD

#5 - SO CUTE RIGHT! I want a dog too.

A few species of dogs I would like to have.

#6 - If I'm living in a big house, a Golden Retriever.

Since I'm not, I would like a.....
White Pomeranian that looks like these.
#7 -So fluffy I can die!!!!

#8 - ZOMG! It would totally brighten my day to see their tongue like that. SO CUTE!!! 

#9 - And so tiny!

#10 - Ribbons suit them the most!

#11 - Or a white Maltese.

#12 - How about a Pekingese?

#13 - How about a Shih Tzu?

#14 - Teacup Chihuahua also not bad! :D

#15 - AHHHHHH! Kawaii!

#16 - Why does all white dogs look so cute and innocent??

#17 - Teacup Yorkie!!

#18 - Japanese Spitz

#19 - Japanese Chin!

Japanese have got like the cutest looking pups.

Alright alright. I've sidetracked a lil. So back to Jacko.
Brought him out for a jog while the rest were still eating.
See Jacko's eyes! So scary!

#19 - Jacko is a Jack Russell Terrier. Don't underestimate his size. He's actually quite powerful! While walking him, I got pulled by him!

That's all for this doggy entry. xD
Thanks for reading.

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